Allstar News , May, 2001


Early last month, erstwhile Screaming Tree Mark Lanegan decided to join his pals in Queens of the Stone Age for their current European tour, which kicks off Saturday (June 2) in the Netherlands. According to Lanegan's then-manager Greg Werckman, the moody singer only planned to sing a few numbers with the band, then pack up at the end of June and return to L.A. to concentrate on a new project with former Afghan Whig Greg Dulli. But the plans have changed. Not only has Lanegan engaged the services of new manager Brian Klein, but it now appears that he's joined the Queens army for "at least a year," according to insiders. While no one is saying whether he'll become a permanent member of the band, he will appear on the band's next album, which it will begin recording in July. "It looks like Mark will sing three of four songs, Josh [Homme] will sing three or four songs, and Nick [Oliveri] will sing two or three."
(Jaan Uhelszki)