Email Fan Interview, August, 2001

This is an 'interview' conducted via email by the members of the onewhiskey email list. Questions came from all over the US, as well as from Canada, England, South Wales, Ireland, Isreal, Spain, South America, the Netherlands, and Italy.

An informal and rather unorganized list of questions were sent in, and Mark chose which he'd like to answer - the questions and answers here appear exactly as they were submitted and answered.

We'd like to thank Brian Klien, of Steve Stewart Management, for setting this up, and Mr. Windex for taking the time to answer!

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Why not continue with the Trees on an indie label (if that's what it takes) as a part-time fun thing and keep your solo stuff to pay the bills? It seems a lot to throw away just as you were making headway.

I don' know if I would describe the Tree's experience as fun. I'm proud of the music that we made. As I know the other guys are.

Musically, what's the biggest mistake you've made?

No comment

In the Mike/Mark joint interview in the Rocket, Mark mentions they were recording b-sides and covers for English singles, so I'd like to ask if any more of those will be released (if he didn't release them all on I'll Take Care of You)

No current plans to do so.

What is Mark's favourite song that he himself wrote and why?

The songs that I enjoy are the ones that hold some mystery. The songs that I myself don't understand.

Hospital Roll Call is one of my favorite songs, and we play it in my Band. But what is 'sixteen' all about? I'm not knocking it, it goes with the song perfectly, but is there some story behind this? or did it just seem like a good idea :)

Draw your own conclusion.

Are any of the tracks off 'Field Songs' going to be released as singles? or will a video be made? I've only ever seen the video for House A Home, and it was really good.

Not that I'm aware of.

Why aren't you a household name? :)

Like what Windex?

I know he's probably been asked a million times but what I REALLY want to know is what music (artists/albums) he really rates.

Son House, Gun Club,13th Floor Elevators, Van Morrison, Black Sabbath, Scratch Acid, and too many others to name.

I have one very stupid question, but I remember listening to this song on the radion, while driving my car, and I just had this great silly stupid idea. How about Mark covering the Zombies' She's not there??

No one can sing like Collin Blunston

Which are his favourite authors??

Peter Mathiason, Cormac McCarthy, to name a couple

Your music seems to be a constant confrontation between light and darkness, so: Do you think that, by music (or by any other artistic creations), we can reach the Sun through the deepness ?

I wouldn't have a clue mate. Have a nice life.

Religious feelings are also very present in your songs: for you, is the music eternal?

Refer to your last question.

Iīm aching to know about that "chain that stars to swing" in "Donīt forget me".

Your interpretation of that lyric is Incorrect.

How did you first get involved with Mr. "happy-face" Mike Johnson?

You don't have to be a genius to know Mike Johnson. I met mike in the mid 80's from playing shows together.

Name me (us) at least three timeless records to bring to the so quite called desert island (or maybe just to keep it in your truck). :)

Motor Head- Ace Of Spades
Hedrix- Axix Bold As Love
Perry Cuomo's Greatest Hits

As for the upcoming band with Greg Dulli; is it still going to happen? what does the band sound like? have they recorded any songs yet?

At some point we hope to record.

What is the biggest misconception about you and why?

In my opinion two concepts do not a misconception make.

Isn't it strange to play with QOTSA since their music is so different from yours and their "attitude" is more like a typical rock 'n'roll band, a partying" band?

Let me mull that one over for a while. I'll get back to you.

What was/is the biggest non-musical influence on your music?

Life it self. Personal experience

What is the first album you ever bought with your own money?

I can't even remember the last album I bought with my own money.

What do you like most and hate most about performing live?

Performing live.

Who are your favorite songwriters?

I have so many. It's tough to make a coherent list.

Many people think of your work as one long continuous tale told through lyrics and music. Now that you have made some pretty drastic changes in your life, can we expect the feel of your music to change along with you? Or, is your style of writing unconnected to your life life in that manner?

To me the records always reflect a specific time.

We read that Duff McKagan is a big fan of your music, would you say your colaberation with him has had any influence on yours or Mike's musical direction? How has living in L.A. as opposed to Seattle effected your musical direction, if at all?

Each collaboration brings with it it's own set of circumstances and reflects in some way the personalities/ insanities of those involved.

Is it true you have signed for six more record deals with Sub Pop?


Do you forsee making an album with more of a harder/rockier sound?

Anything is possible.

In addition to being a big fan of your solo albums I am also a huge fan of Screaming Trees. How hard or easy was it to see the groug disband? Obviously not in the near future but do you believe the group will ever reunite and play a few dates or even record another album?

The group was ready to disbanded from the beginning. Being a strange and volatile mix of characters but, we enjoyed the music we made and prefer to leave it in it's own time and place.

Do you do weddings? for real, I'd like to ask what he reads, and what generally influences his lyrics.

I'm extremely open minded and take every request on a case by case basis.

Do you or any of the other members of Screaming Trees have any past live performances recorded, and would you consider releasing a live album?

Perhaps in the future. I would perhaps consider it.

When did you get the tattoos on your knuckles and fingers?

Can't remember.

Batman or superman?

I can only assume that you are spending too much time alone. Get away from your computer while you still have a chance.

Would love to hear the story behind "Judas Touch."

To my mind the story is the song.

Do you plan on continuing your collaboration with your former Screaming Trees bandmates on your solo work?

It's possible.

Will we ever see a Screaming Trees unreleased/rarities album or box set?

I hope so.

Will we ever see release of your Nick Drake cover, Clothes Of Sand?


What album or artist do you listen to more than any other?

I enjoy listening to many different album and artists. My tastes are always changing.

The same words and phrases keep popping up in stuff written about your work (Whiskey-soaked, anyone?). Which words would you be happy to never hear again in descriptions of you, and why?

I rarely pay attention to descriptions. I find it uninteresting and counterproductive.

Are you tired of answering questions? Why not turn it around and ask a few yourself? What would you like to ask the people who listen to your music?

It's a new experience for me to answer questions from people who do not write about music for a living. But anytime I'm forced to look in the past it can be a tedious chore. I am the type of person who prefers to stay in the here and now.

I don't necessarily have any questions for the people who listen to my music but I would like to express my gratitude for your appreciation and thoughtfulness in your questions.