Hot Press Yearbook interview 2004


Hero of 2003 - What happened in 2003 ?! There was a lot of bad stuff, but none of those guys would be my heroes.

Villain of 2003 - George Bush and Bin Laden. Those two.

Best personal moment - It's always a good moment when I get out of bed in the morning, or afternoon, and live to fight another day.

Best movie - I haven't seen much this year because we've been on the road for 23 months. I must be tired ? I'll wake up later.

Best record - (Lanegan unbuttons shirt to reveal the t-shirt underneath, and points to it) I liked the Kills' Keep On Your Mean Side album. And I like the Johnny Cash record too.

Best book - Oh God, I don't know if I've read anything new this year at all. In fact I probably haven't. The Lester Bangs book of rock writiing that came out, that was pretty cool. He's like the one good rock writer.

Best TV programme - I don't watch TV.

Best thing about this year - It's almost over.

Hope for next year - That it's shorter.

What tickled your funnybone ? Usually watching somebody else get hurt makes me laugh.