Intro Magazine 08/04

Scary Like Boo...
by Eric Leihmann

They still exist few and far between: Rock musicians who strike others with awe. The rent-a-grater voice Mark Lanegan is one of those: Ex singer of the Queens of the Stone Age, ex singer of the Screaming Trees. Now he recorded a thudding album full with best torch rock.

The record label however advises strongly against interviews with him via telephone - as from today I know why:

A minute of failure:

June 18th, in the morning: An appointment for an interview with Mark L. is busted up "because the artist lost his computer in Paris" and he "has to search for it this morning". Instead of this appointment an interview via telephone at noontide is arranged.

June 18th, noonday: He doesn't call as agreed on. A request at his record company brings out that "Mark is very glad that his computer was found". Due to that (?!) the interview is postponed.

June 24th: The record company informs us that Mark is very stressed because of all the promotion duties and that they don't dare to ask him to do anything anymore.

July 1st: A surprising call by the record label: Mark can be contacted by phone tomorrow in Brussels at 10:00am.

July 2nd, 10:10am: After the third try somebody answers the phone.


"Hello Mark...?"

"Yes! Who is it?"

"This is Eric, the journalist from Hamburg."

"Hello.. hello? Fuck!"

July 2nd, 10:15am: fourth try

"Hello, this is Eric."

"Hi Eric! See, can you call me again in ten minutes, I'm rushing to the airport, thanks!"

July 2nd, 10:27am:

"Hello Mark, can we do the interview now?"

"See, I'm looking for this fucking gate, I'm missing my plane!! But yes..."

"Err...many people describe your music as 'scary'. Would you agree on that?"

"Scary, what does that mean? I don't understand! Do you mean scary like 'BOO!'?!"

The talk breaks off. Screams and a hectic babble of french voices are heard in the background. After three minutes a voice says "Eric, can you call me back in ten minutes?"

Maybe at another time.