13-20 March, 2008
Mark Lanegan of The Gutter Twins
By: Tim Perlich

One of rock music’s greatest voices, Mark Lanegan’s gruff howl has been the focal point of recordings by the Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, Mad Season, Soulsavers and the Twilight Singers, led by Greg Dulli. It’s with Dulli that Lanegan has recorded the chillingly dark Saturnalia (Sub Pop) as the Gutter Twins. Evidently, the less than loquacious Lanegan – he answered 30 questions almost monosyllabically in nine minutes – is preserving his instrument for the Gutter Twins’ Toronto debut at the Mod Club Friday (March 14).
What do you and Dulli like to do together outside of the studio?
We just listen to music and talk about sports. Just normal shit.
After all this time, what prompted you to record the Gutter Twins project?
We’d been talking about making an album together for a number of years. We finally found the time to do it.
Did you discuss a theme or tone for the songs before making Saturnalia?
We didn’t talk about any of that. It just took shape the way it did and we went with it.
Anything unexpected happen while recording the album?
I’m just happy that it’s complete and fully realized.
Any difficulty finding the right musicians to join the two of you on the road?
No, we’ve just got the Twilight Singers band with a different drummer, Cully Symington.
Are there more albums from the Gutter Twins to come?
We enjoy each other’s company, the process of creating together, and we’re happy with the results, so why not?
You’ve recently completed the follow-up to your Ballad Of The Broken Seas album with Isobel Campbell, called Sunday At Devil Dirt. Can you describe the collaboration?
She had the songs written and I sang them.
Does it concern you at all that Sunday At Devil Dirt was leaked online two months ahead of its May 5 street date?
I don’t really pay attention to that kind of stuff.