PukkelPop Festival live review
August 2004

Mark Lanegan - Friday August 20th - 20.15 - 21.05 - Marquee

Two guitars, bass, singer and tramp

Mark Lanegan is looking Real Bad these days.

Saying he isn't going through life whistling, would be the understatement of the century.

Since the exploding of the Screaming Trees, he has surrounded himself with musicians who are even more worn-out looking, if possible.

Luckily he added the prototype of a rock 'n' roll hussy to his ranks. She formed a nice counterbalances to Mark's grave-like voice.

The five of them (2 guitars, bass, singer and tramp) were standing in a line most of the time, being rock 'n' roll, undisturbed.

From the second line, Bo Diddley-beats were released upon us. Lanegan's set consisted of uncut rock as well as country- and pop ballads. Happier it did not make you, but I guess it wasn't intended. In contrast to the guys of The Darkness, Lanegan will probably not be on Prozac any time soon.

During the closing number the group got backup from Nick Oliveiri and Greg Dulli , who also worked on Lanegan's youngest rocking record Bubblegum.

This was good for a mighty finale, during which time seemed to stand still for just a little while.

The last note was still dying out when in the distance dEUS' No More Loud Music resounded. The choices a Pukkelpop-visitor has to make can be heart wrenching.

Pol Mathé