Seattle Weekly - blurb on the upcoming show,
from the week of November 16th, 1998

Goings On: Music

Mark Lanegan, Pete Krebs, Mike Johnson

This mega-tour of the indie rock stars turned gloomy gus folkies features Lanegan and Johnson, who can do the dark, introspective thing with the best. Screaming Trees singer Lanegan has released his third solo disc, Scraps At Midnight. Dinosaur Jr. bassist Johnson's deep baritone and his beer-and-a-cigarette odes to depression are featured on his second solo album I Feel Alright. [*note: this is Mike's THIRD solo album!] Also on the bill is ex-Hazel frontman Pete Krebs, another rocker gone acoustic.-J.B.

The lead singer of the Screaming Trees needs no introduction to Seattle music fans. His third solo effort, Scraps At Midnight is once again dark and introspective; there's a quiet confidence in these new songs, as if the worst is behind him. Scraps takes up where 1994's brilliant Whiskey For the Holy Ghost left off, with songs so visual, you wish Lanegan would pick up a camera and somehow put them on film. Recorded in the desert at Joshua Tree, the music explores a barren Western terrain, with Lanegan's deep rasp of a voice blowing tumbleweeds.-Todd McGovern.

Where: Showbox

Address: 1426 First, Seattle

Phone: 206-628-3151

Date: 11-19-98

When: Thu 11/19 at 9.

Price: $10adv.