by Hernán Muleiro

TRANSLATED BY sifacio on the forum


I am driving by a steep and it's hot. ¡Los Angeles, baby! ". A voice on the phone and Mark Lanegan, former Screaming Trees leader from the era of flannel shirts, which, although never reached the fame of Nirvana or Pearl Jam, was so important to the iconography as grunge Charles Peterson's pictures and comics by Peter Bagge. His album Sweet Oblivion brought to MTV and relations within the band fell apart that made them part of "Divorced Club Bands" When all was over, Lanegan was devoted to his girlfriend his dog and make solo albums chasing the ghosts of Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain of his friends and Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Also collaborated with musicians as diametrically opposed Queens of the Stone Age or Isobell Campbell, lead singer of Belle & Sebastian.

Now he is dedicated to The Gutter Twins, along with Greg Dulli (of The Twilight Singers and The Afghan Whigs). The project will come to La trastienda next Tuesday July 7.

- When did you get tired of playing loud all the time?

I do not know when really. but that was the reason I started to make music as a soloist. It was a way of putting something calmer. Now I do two things with the Gutter Twins, quiet and loud music. The show is an acoustic one but it's not gonna be so quiet. And we will make songs of Screaming Trees and Greg's bands.

- Do you feel a survivor of the'90s?

-I do not remember who said, "or you make it till 44 (yrs old) or not ." I feel fortunate to be among the first group, considering the option About that time, many things are said incorrectly for example, never met any member's band saying we play "grunge music." And I was able to meet a lot of musicians!

- How do you maintain a deep voice without destroying it?

I do not know, I just wake up every day and it is there. probably I do everything wrong in order to keep it but still there when I wake up the next day.

After so many years of career. are you still living in the same way the classic trilogy of sex, drugs and rock & roll?

"Everything is still there. Although I suppose that now is only rock and roll.

- How were the collaborations with Queens of the Stone Age and Isobell Cambell?

-Working with Isobell was excellent because I am a big fan of Belle & Sebastian. She gave my songs to record company. Very flattering. And singing with Queens of the Stone Age was something incredible, because I went on tour with my best friends. I do not have the natural need to take center spot and be on tour with them was great