first appeared in The Seattle Weekly, 29 June '00

MARK LANEGAN, 764-HERO, CARISSA'S WEIRD -- Those tainted, hardcore Seattleites who glare at you from under their dirty, black hair and hazy whiskey-and-smoke halo can tell you all about Mark Lanegan, the late '80s, and the Screaming Trees, but they probably won't. All you really need to know is that Lanegan's deep and harrowing voice is about as affecting as they come, his songs are as real as the rain, and he has formed the kind of working friendships with fellow musicians that will probably keep his fans properly sated well into this decade. Mike Johnson, Bill Rieflin, Ben Shepherd, and Alan Davis are Lanegan's backing band for this show, and it's rumored that the singer's had them learn covers rather than his own material. Weird. -- Laura Learmonth