first appeared at SubPop, 1 May, 2001

May Traffic Report

Boy of the year and the month of May, and all additional months is, of course, MARK LANEGAN. Please, all the earthy girls just stop screaming. Many of you have been harassing me about tour-dates, so I will tell you that tentatively (SAY IT OUTLOUDÖ ĎTENTATIVELYí), dates in July are set for: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, LA, San Juan Capistrano, San Diego, Albuquerque, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Hoboken, Cambridge, Philly, NYC and DC, in addition to some especially unconfirmed dates in the deep south.

Opening for Lanegan will be Chris Connelly and Bill Rieflin. But please donít pee your panties until these dates are abso-looteously confirmed in the most final fashion, and consult your local ticket agency (or rather, harass them, not me) for ticket availability. Okay, now all you Lanegan fans who normally hate my column - you may go. I just want to say before you leave however, that Iíve talked about sandwiches with the guy, which is a lot more than you can say. So Neh!

Mr. Lanegan will be hitting the highway on the occasion of his new album on Sub Pop Records called Field Songs, which hits the streets May 8. Right now I am listening to the CD and fondling itís pretty case with my hot little paws... jealous much? This song is called "Pill Hill Serenade," which sings my tune for I spend every third Thursday on that very hill. Itís just these little personal touches youíve come to love in the Traffic Report isnít it? ISNíT IT?

The rumors are true, Mark is working with THE QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, lending his ashtray chords to a handful of songs, as well as popping off to the UK for some concert appearances. After this Mark will continue to collaborate with his new partner Greg Dulli on a not yet named new band. So now Iím done with my scenester pontification bit. If you havenít already slobbered up the news on Mark Lanegan, or if you want to know what all the slobbering is about, please do visit the site here.