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Phantom Radio streaming now! Listen HERE

Available for preorder pretty much everywhere, out in the US on October 21, 2014.

1. Harvest Home
2. Judgement Time
3. Floor Of The Ocean
4. The Killing Season
5. Seventh Day
6. I Am The Wolf
7. Torn Red Heart
8. Waltzing In Blue
9. The Wild People
10. Death Trip To Tulsa

The 2014 Birthday Project

This November, for Mark's birthday, we have a plan. Check it out to join in!

Birthday Page


All the following projects have been reported somewhere in the press as being currently in the works. Updates will be made as soon as any other information is known. Check the Discography section, under 'guest appearances' to ee the projects that have gone before.

Re-recording the song 'Singing Man' with Magnus: interview and details here

Contribution to the new Creature with the Atom Brain record, "Night of the Hunter'.

Contribution of a track to Re-Licked, a collection of songs from the Raw Power era Stooges. The project is put together by Stooges guitarist James Williamson, more info at: Exclaim

Contribution of the track "Spirit Ditch" to an album in memory of Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous. The procedes benefit the Box Of Stars mental health charity. Info and samples at Thanks to for the info.

A duet with Christine Owman, "Familiar Act":

Mark and Martina Topley-Bird have covered The XX song "Crystalised" Listen here

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