dedicated to the music & fans of Mark Lanegan



I like a lot of music. I like music you might not think I'd like, and yet I like it. I just don't care - I like what I like. Go ahead and write me to tell me you like some of these bands, but don't write to tell me some suck. I don't care.

This is a list of some of the music (in no particular order) that has meant something to me at various times in my life, for various reasons:

Mark Lanegan (you are here)
Screaming Trees (duh!)
The Sisters of Mercy (
Bauhaus (
Joy Division (
Mike Johnson (
Blue Rodeo (
The Tea Party (
Leonard Cohen (
Jim Croce (
Duran Duran (
Masters Of Reality (
The Smiths (
The Cure (
The Cult (
Tori Amos (
Meryn Cadell (
Kris Kristofferson (
Elvis Presley (

and many, many more...


showing Mark Pickerel the good web sites, on
a visit to Rodeo Records
photo by B. Arnett