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One Way Street
SubPop Records, December 11, 2015

This 6 LP vinyl set (including digital download cards) contains the 5 solo albums released by SubPop, with Whiskey for the Holy Ghost being split onto two discs. For full track listings, see the individual albums below.

Disc 1: The Winding Sheet Disc 4: Scraps at Midnight
Disc 2: Whiskey for the Holy Ghost side 1 Disc 5: I'll Take Care of You
Disc 3: Whiskey for the Holy Ghost side 2 Disc 6: Field Songs


Houston: Publishing Demos 2002
Ipecac Recordings, August 21, 2015
1. No Cross 7. The Primatives
2. Two Horses 8. Blind
3. When It's in You (Methamphetamine Blues) 9. Halcyon Daze
4. High Life 10. Nothing Much To Mention
5. I'll Go Where You Send Me 11. A Suite for Dying Love
6. Grey Goes Black 12. Way to Tomorrow
A Thousand Miles of Midnight - Phantom Radio Remixes
Vagrant/Heavenly, February/ March, 2015
1. Death Trip To Tulsa - Mark Stewart’s exopolitix demix 8. Waltzing in Blue - Earth dub mix
2. I Am The Wolf - Greg Dulli remix 9. Harvest Home - Magnus remix
3. The Killing Season - UNKLE remix 10. The Wild People - Alistair Galbraith remix
4. Torn Red Heart - Moby remix 11. Dry Iced - Thomas Barfod remix
5. No Bells On Sunday - Moon Gangs remix
12. Jonas Pap - Soulsavers Aural Disorientation remix
6. Floor Of the Ocean - Pye Corner Audio remix 13. Seventh Day - Tom Furse extrapolation
7. Sad Lover - Mikey Young remix 14. Judgement Time - Alain Johannes remix
Phantom Radio
Vagrant/Heavenly, October, 2014
1. Harvest Home 6. I Am the Wolf
2. Judgement Time 7. Torn Red Heart
3. Floor of the Ocean 8. Waltzing in Blue
4. The Killing Season 9. The Wild People
5. Seventh Day 10. Death Trip to Tulsa
No Bells On Sunday EP
Vagrant/Heavenly, August or September, 2014 (depending on where you are in the world!) Vinyl, digital download with vinyl
1. Dry Iced 3. Sad Lover
2. No Bells on Sunday 4. Jonas Pap
  5. Smokestack Magic
Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989 - 2011
Light In The Attic, January 14, 2014; CD, LP in black, red, or yellow vinyl, Digital Download

This Light in the Attic release includes a full booklet with pictures and lyrics to each song hand-written by
Mark Lanegan.

Disc One
1. Bombed 11. Creeping Coastline of Lights
2. One Hundred Days 12. Lexington Slow Down
3. Come To Me 13. Last One in the World
4. Mirrored 14. Wheels
5.Pill Hill Serenade 15. Mockingbirds
6. One Way Street 16. Wild Flowers
7. Kimiko's Dream House 17. Sunrise
8. Low 18. Carnival
9. Ressurection Song 19. Pendulum
10. Shiloh Town 20. The River Rise

Disc Two (previously unreleased tracks)

1. Dream Lullabye 7. No Contestar
2. Leaving New River Blues 8. Big White Cloud
3. Sympathy 9. Following The Rain
4. To Valencia Courthouse 10. Grey Goes Black
5. A Song While Waiting 11. Halcyon Daze
6. Blues for D (vocal version) 12. Blues Run The Game (live)
Imitations: Vagrant/Heavenly, September 17th, 2013; CD, LP, Digital Download
This album is comprised of cover songs. Links to the artists Mark based his covers on are provided below.
1. Flatlands
Chelsea Wolfe
7. Solitaire
Andy Williams
2. She's Gone
Vern Gosdin
8. Mack The Knife
Dave Van Ronk
3. Deepest Shade
The Twilight Singers
9. I'm Not The Loving Kind
John Cale
4. You Only Live Twice
Nancy Sinatra
10. Lonely Street
Andy Williams
5. Pretty Colors
Frank Sinatra
11. Elegie Funebre
Gerard Manset(French)
6. Brompton Oratory
Nick Cave
12. Autumn Leaves
Andy Williams
Blues Funeral: 4AD, February 6th, 2012; CD, LP, Digital Download
1. The Gravedigger's Song 7. Phantasmagoria Blues
2. Bleeding Muddy Water 8. Quiver Syndrome
3. Gray Goes Black 9. Harborview Hospital
4. St Louis Elegy 10. Leviathan
5. Riot In My House 11. Deep Black Vanishing Train
6. Ode To Sad Disco 12. Tiny Grain Of Truth

First single: The Gravedigger's Song
Download for free here:



Bubblegum: Beggars Banquet, August 2004; CD, LP
1. When Your Number Isnít Up 9. Come To Me
2. Hit The City 10. Like Little Willie John
3. Wedding Dress 11. Canít Come Down
4. Methamphetamine Blues 12. Morning Glory Wine
5. One Hundred Days 13. Head
6. Bombed 14. Driving Death Valley Blues
7. Strange Religion 15. Out Of Nowhere
8. Sideways In Reverse  


Sideways in Reverse: download, promo CD

Hit The City/Mud Pink Skag/Mirrored: CD, 7"

Videos: Sideways in Reverse, Hit The City


Here Comes That Weird Chill: Beggars Banquet, November 2003 [UK], December 2003 [US]; CD, 10" vinyl
1. Methamphetamine Blues 5. Lexington Slow Down
2. On The Steps Of The Cathedral 6. Skeletal History
3. Clear Spot 7. Wish You Well
4. Message To Mine 8. Sleep With Me/Version
Field Songs: SubPop, May 2001; CD
1. One Way Street 7. Resurrection Song
2. No Easy Action 8. Field Song
3. Miracle 9. Low
4. Pill Hill Serenade 10. Blues for D
5. Donít Forget Me 11. She Done Too Much
6. Kimikoís Dream House 12. Fix
  unofficial lyrics
I'll Take Care of You: SubPop, September 1999; CD, LP [UK only]
This album is comprised of cover songs. Links to the orignal artists are provided below.
1. Carry Home
(Jeffery Lee Pierce)
7. On Jesus' Program
(Overton Vertis Wright)
2.I'll Take Care of You
(Brook Benton)
8.Little Sadie
3. Shilo Town
(Tim Hardin)
9. Together Again
(Buck Owens)
4. Creeping Coastline of Lights
(Leaving Trains)
10. A Shanty Man's Life
(Steven Harrison Paulus)
5. Badi-Da
(Fred Neil)
11. Boogie Boogie
(Tim Rose)
6. Consider Me
(Eddie Floyd/ Booker T. Jones)
  unofficial lyrics
Scraps At Midnight: SubPop, July 1998; CD, LP
1. Hospital Roll Call 6. Wheels
2.  Hotel 7. Waiting On A Train
3. Stay 8. Day And Night
4. Bell Black Ocean 9. Praying Ground
5. Last One In The World 10.  Because Of This
single: Stay/ Death Don't Have No Mercy/ Slide Machine
green vinyl, yellow vinyl, CD

compliation: Sound:Check (SubPop)
Last One In The World/ Bell Black Ocean

unofficial lyrics

Whiskey For The Holy Ghost: SubPop, January 1994; CD, LP, cassette
1. The River Rise 8. Dead On You
2. Borracho 9. Shooting Gallery
3. House A Home 10. Sunrise
4. Kingdoms of Rain 11. Pendulum
5. Carnival 12. Judas Touch
6. Riding The Nightingale 13. Beggar's Blues
7. El Sol  
single: House A Home/ Shooting Gallery/ Sunrise/ Ugly Sunday
compliation: Hype! (SubPop)
The River Rise

video: House A Home (SubPop Video Network Volume 3)


unofficial lyrics

The Winding Sheet: SubPop, May 1990; CD, LP in black or red vinyl
1. Mockingbirds 8. The Winding Sheet
2. Museum 9. Woe
3. Undertow 10. Ten Feet Tall
4. Ugly Sunday 11. Where Did you Sleep Last Night?
5. Down in the Dark 12. Juarez
6. Wild Flowers 13. I Love you Little Girl
7. Eyes of a Child  
single: Down in the Dark/ I Love You Little Girl
black vinyl 7"
compliation: The Grunge Years (SubPop)
Ugly Sunday

video: Ugly Sunday(SubPop Video Network Volume 1)


unofficial lyrics

Here are the lyrics to some songs that have been performed live and do not appear on any of the albums. This is by no means a complete list of songs!

Live Releases

The following are 'officially released' CDs recorded live during various tours. Some can be purchased from

Soulsavers - 2007 Dec 12 - Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
Ask The Dust
Ghosts of You and Me
All Night Long
Paper Money
Kingdoms of Rain
Jesus of Nothing
Feel So Good
Cabin Fever/Some Velvet Morning
Midnight Special
Lanegan - 2010 April 24 - Leeds, UK (European Version, with Julia Dream)
Field Song
One Way Street
No Easy Action/Miracle
The River Rise
Like Little Willie John
Don't Forget Me
Can't Catch the Train
Message To Mine
Ressurection Song
Julia Dream
One Hundred Days
On Jesus' Program
When Your Number Isn't Up
Hangin' Tree
Lanegan - 2010 April 24 - Leeds, UK (Australian Version, with Sunrise)
Field Song
One Way Street
No Easy Action/Miracle
The River Rise
Like Little Willie John
Don't Forget Me
Can't Catch the Train
Message To Mine
Ressurection Song
One Hundred Days
When Your Number Isn't Up
Where the Twain Shall Meet
Lanegan - 2010 July 9 - Melbourne, AU
When Your Number Isn't Up
One Way Street
No Easy Action/Miracle
Like Little Willie John
Don't Forget Me
Where the Twain Shall Meet
Message To Mine
The River Rise
One Hundred Days
Field Song
Wild Flowers
Lanegan - 2010 Aug. 18 - Union Chapel, London, UK
Field Song
One Way Street
No Easy Action/Miracle
Like Little Willie John
Don't Forget Me
Where the Twain Shall Meet
When Your Number Isn't Up
Message To Mine
The River Rise
One Hundred Days
Hit The City
Wild Flowers
Shadow of the Season
Dying Days
Halo of Ashes
Campbell & Lanegan - 2010 Sept. 10 - Barbican, London, UK
We Die and See Beauty Reign
You Won't Let Me Down Again
Come Undone
Snake Song
Whow Built the Road
Free to Walk
The Circus is Leaving Town
No Place to Fall (FEAT. WILLY MASON)
To Hell and Back Again
Back Burner
Time of the Season
Come On Over (Turn Me On)
Get Behind Me
(Do You Wanna) Come Walk With Me?
Ramblin' Man
Wedding Dress
Lanegan - 2010 Aug. 31 - Aarhus, Denmark
When Your Number Isn't Up
One Way Street
No Easy Action/Miracle
Wedding Dress
Don't Forget Me
Driving Death Valley Blues
Sleep With Me
One Hundred Days
Hit The City
Live in the Fields of the Departed - 2011 June 12 - Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
When Your Number Isn’t Up
One Way Street
No Easy Action / Miracle
Like Little Willie John
Where The Twain Shall Meet
Message To Mine
The River Rise
One Hundred Days
Burning Jacob’s Ladder
Hit The City
Wild Flowers
Halo Of Ashes
Mark Lanegan Band - December, 2011 - Live in Studio, Antwerp
Bleeding Muddy Water
Can’t Come Down
The Gravedigger’s Song
Harborview Hospital
Ode To Sad Disco
Phantasmagoria blues
Quiver Syndrome
Resurrection Song
Sleep With Me
Tiny Grain Of Truth
Wish You Well

Mark Lanegan Band - 19 March, 2012- Live at Proxima Club, Warsaw, Poland
Hit The City
One Hundred Days
One Way Street
Gray Goes Black
Harborview Hospital
Quiver Syndrome
Resurrection Song
Tiny Grain of Truth
Mark Lanegan Band - 9 April, 2012 - Live at Plaza Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico
The Gravedigger's Song
Bleeding Muddy Water
Gray Goes Black
St. Louis Elegy
Riot in My House
Ode to Sad Disco
Phantasmagoria Blues
Quiver Syndrome
Harborview Hospital
Deep Black Vanishing Train
Tiny Grain of Truth
The Ghost That Wouldn't Die DVD 2012
Hit the City
Wedding Dress
One Way Street
Grey Goes Black
Creeping Coastline of Lights
Tiny Grain of Truth
The Gravediggers Song
Sleep with Me
Hit the City
Wedding Dress
One Way Street

Grey Goes Black
Devil in My Mind
Harbourview Hospital
Sleep with Me
Phantasmagoria Blues
Harbourview Hospital
The Gravediggers Song
Dark Mark Does Christmas 2012
The Cherry Tree Carol
Down in Yon Forest
O Holy Night
We Three Kings
Coventry Carol
Burn the Flames
Mark Lanegan, Duke Garwood, & Friends play Imitations & Black Pudding- 25 Oct, 2013 - PassionsKirche, Berlin
When Your Number Isn't Up
You Only Live Twice
War Memorial
Phantasmagoria Blues
One Hundred Days
D river
Cold Molly
Mack the Knife
Mark Lanegan Band - 30 November, 2013 - Frikirkjan, Reykjavic, Iceland
When Your Number Isn't Up
Pretty Colors
Mack The Knife
You Only Live Twice
Lonely Street
The Cherry Tree Carol
One Way Street
The Gravedigger's Song
Phantasmagoria Blues
War Memorial
Cold Molly
Mark Lanegan Band High, Wild & Free - 4 November, 2014 - Cleveland, Ohio
Harvest Home
Sleep With Me
Riot In My House
Quiver Syndrome
Floor of the Ocean

Harborview Hospital
Torn Red Heart
Black Rose Way
Death Trip to Tulsa
I Am The Wolf


Cahuenga Gardens
[Dustin Boyer]

Jan 2016, Dustin Boyer
song: Woman Downstairs
youtube: Woman Downstairs

[I Am Super Ape]

Nov, 2015, Brokensilence
song: I Am Super Ape
video: Monki

John Robb Interview Disc

Nov. 6, 2015, Heavenly
Recorded and filmed at The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, in January 2015 as part of Heavenly's anniversary weekend

info: interview-disc

Ten Commandos
[Alain Johannes]

Oct. 27, 2015, Monkeywrench, Inc.
song: Staring Down the Dust

The Collosus
[Cairo Knife Fight]

May 29, 2015, Loretta Recordings, Warner Music New Zealand
song: Climbing Through Ashes
Night of the Hunter
[The Creature With The Atom Brain]
More info:
[James Williamson]

October 28, 2014, Leopard Lady Records
song: Wild Love with Alison Mosshart
Songs are all Stooges songs with a variety of guest vocalists
Primative & Deadly
September 2, 2014, Southern Lord
songs: There is a Serpent Coming, Rooks Across the Gate
Axels & Sockets: The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project
May 14, 2014, Glitterhouse
songs: Constant Limbo [Constant Rain] w/Crippled Black Phoenix & Cypress Grove and Bertrand Cantat; and Desire By Blue River w/Bertrand Cantat
Un Oiseau s'est posé
[Gérard Manset]
April, 2014 Parlophone Records
song: Cover Me with Flowers of Mauve

Golden Age of Glitter
[Sweet Apple]
April, 2014 Tee Pee Records
song: duet on "Wish You Could Stay (a Little Longer)"

Hai Paura Del Buio? (rerelease)
2014 Mescal Records
song: Mark sings the song "Pelle" in Italian, with this Italian band. For more info (in Italian)
...Like Clockwork
[Queens of the Stone Age]
2013 Matador Records
songs: very subtle backing vocals on If I Had A Tail - so subtle I'm not even sure if he appears anywhere else on this record. The record is amazing anyway, go get it.

Black Pudding
[Duke Garwood/Mark Lanegan]
2013 Heavenly Reocrdings & Ipecac Records (May 13)
12 tracks co-written and performed by Duke Garwood and Mark Lanegan
The Lonely Night
[Moby and Mark Lanegan]
2013 Mute
Single with Moby, released for Record Store Day. B-side is a remix of the song by Phtotek.
Above: Deluxe Reissue
[Mad Season]
2013 Sony Legacy (April 2)
Rerelease of the Mad Season classic,
including 3 new songs co-written/sung by Mark, and the live DVD from 1995's show at the Moore Theater.
Reason To Believe: The Songs of Tim Hardin
2013 Full Time Hobby Records
Song: Red Balloon.
Wish You Could Stay (A Little Longer)
[Sweet Apple]
2013 Outer Battery Records
Song: Mark sings on the title track on this single.

Light in the Attic 10 Year Anniversary: Karen Dalton's Same Old Man
[Mark Lanegan]
2012 Light in the Attic Records
Song: Cover of Karen Dalton's 1971 song Same Old Man on the A side, on the B side is the orginal recording. More information at Light in the Attic Records

Deep Black Vanishing Train/Below The Cherry Moon
[WhoMadwWho/Mark Lanegan Band]
2012 wmwlanegan
Songs: Deep Black Vanishing Train is covered by Who Made Who, Below the Cherry Moon is covered by Mark Lanegan
Songs That Make Sense
2012 Mjm Music pl
Songs: Long Cold Race w/ Anita Lipnicka
Lawless Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2012 Sony Masterworks
Songs: Fire and Brimstone; White Light / White Heat; Sure 'Nuff Yes I Do
The Separate - Orchestral Variations 0.1
2012 Setanta Records
Song: Close to Me
More info:
Filling In The Cracks EP
[Matt Boroff]
2012 Matt Boroff
Song: Garbage Man
More Info or to purchase:
The Light the Dead See
2012 Mute Records
Song: backing vocals only on In The Morning
More info:
The Journey is Long
2012 Glitterhouse Records
Song: The Breaking Hands [w/Isobel Campbell]
More info:
Birds Fly Low
[The Creature With The Atom Brain]
Song: Black Rider Run
More info:
2011 Lumikki Records (Finland)
Song: Wishing Well
More info:
Download song:
The Hangover, Part II: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2011 Watertower Music
Song: The Beast In Me
Song originally written by Nick Lowe and recorded by Johnny Cash. The Cash version appears in the movie, but Mark sings the song for the soundtrack.
Coming Home
[Maggie Bjorklund]
2011 Bloodshot Records
songs: Intertwined, Coming Home
Dynamite Steps
[The Twilight Singers]
2011 SubPop Records
song: Be Invited
Gone For Good
[My Jerusalem]
September 6, 2010 (UK) September 14, 2010(US) One Little Indian
Contribution: Mark sings on "Hit the Lights"
More Info on My Jerusalem:
My Space:
Dave Rosser:
[Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan]
CD & Vinyl
August 24, 2010 Vanguard Records
The third full length, collaberative album with Isobel Campbell
Where Did the Night Fall
2010 Surrender All
song: Another Night Out
We Are Only Riders
the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project
2010 101Distribution
A tribute to artist Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club
songs: Constant Waiting
Free To Walk (with Isobel Campbell)

2009 V2
a second outing of vocal and writing collaborations with Soulsavers


Death Bells single


Summer's Kiss: A Tribute To The Afghan Whigs
2009 Summerskiss Records
song: Tonight

[Creature with the Atom Brain]
2009 Munich/Sacred Love Records
song: Lonely Light

Fate to Fatal
[The Breeders]
2009 Period Music
song: Last Time

This album was a ridiculously tiny release as an LP, though some tracks are available as MP3 downloads from

[Gary Heffern]
2008 fin-rosa; recorded in 1996
song: All His Children (aka: Next of Kin)


Future Chaos
[Bomb the Bass]
2008 K7
song: Black River


Sunday At Devil Dirt
[Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan]
2008 V2
The second collaberative album with Isobel Campbell
The UK version put out a reissue of this album, which contains a bonus CD with more songs on it, as well as an EP (Keep me in Mind, Sweetheart) that contains 5 bonus tracks which were then made available on the North American release of the album.

UK reissue

[The Gutter Twins]
2008 Subpop digital only
8 song EP available only through iTunes or SubPop

[The Gutter Twins]
2008 Subpop CD, vinyl
project with Greg Dulli

About A Son [Original Soundtrack]
2007 Barsuk
song: Museum

This is the soundtrack to the film Kurt Cobain: About A Son. The soundtrack does not feature any NIRVANA music, but you will know many of these bands. More info on the film:

I'm Not There [Original Soundtrack]
2007 Sony
songs: cover of Bob Dylan's Man In the Long Black Coat

I Am The Golden Gate Bridge
[Creature with the Atom Brain]
2007 Munich
2008 Jezus Factory [UK digipack edition out March 24, 2008]
songs: Crawl Like a Dog; Black Out, New Hit

Era Vulgaris
[Queens of the Stone Age]
2007 Interscope
songs: backing vocals on River in the Road

It's Not How Far You Fall, It'sthe Way You Land
2007 V2
songs: Revival, Ghosts of You and Me, Paper Money, Spiritual, Kingdoms of Rain, Through My Sails, Jesus of Nothing, No Expectations
A Stitch in Time
[The Twilight Singers]
2006 One Little Indian
songs: Live With Me, Flashback
Return of the Golden Rhodes
[The Baldwin Brothers]
song: The Party's Over
Death By Sexy
[TheEagles of Death Metal]
songs: I Gotta Feelin (Just Nineteen), I Like To Move in the Night, and Poor Doggie
Ballad of the Broken Seas
[Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan]
2006 V2
A full length, collaberative album with Isobel Campbell (of Belle & Sebastion), including many duets and a new Lanegan-written song, Revolver
Ramblin' Man
[Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan]
2005 V2
This 4-track E.P. is a precursor to the full length collaberative album, Ballad of the Broken Seas
Other Voices 3
This compilation album features songs recorded live for the Irish TV show Other Voices, and features "Wedding Dress"
more info:
Dog Train
[Sandra Boynton]
2005 Interscope
This is a great illustrated children's book, with an accompanying full length CD included. Various artists, and Boyton's wonderful illustrations, as well as catchy lyrics!
song: Sneakers (a song about a bear and his sneakers!)
Lullabies To Paralyze
[Queens of the Stone Age]
2005 Interscope
songs: This Lullaby (vocals), Burn The Witch (backing vocals)
cowriter on several songs.
Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough
[various artists]
2005 Fat Possum
song: All Night Long
Tribute album to the music of bluesman Kimbrough
She Loves You
[Twilight Singers]
2004 One Little Indian US
song: many of them!
Backing and lead vocals
Demolition Day EP
[Mondo Generator]

2004 Tornado Records

song: Autopilot
A live version of Autopilot can be found on the Live Bonus Disc of
Mondo Generator's Re-Released Cocaine Rodeo album
Leave No Ashes
[Burning Brides]
2004 V2/BMG
song: Vampire Waltz
Credited with backing vocals. Listen close...
Auf Der Maur
[Melissa Auf Der Maur]
2004 EMI International
song: Taste You
Time IS Just The Same EP
[Isobel Campbell]
2004 Snowstorm
song: Why Does My Head Hurt So?
Blackberry Belle
[Twilight Singers]

2003 One Little Indian US

song: Number Nine
A Drug Problem That Never Existed
[Mondo Generator]

2003 Ipecac Records/RekordsRekords

song: Four Corners, other backing vocals
[Martina Topely Bird]

2003 Independiente Records

song: Need One [with Topley Bird]
Songs For the Deaf
[Queens Of The Stone Age]

2002 Interscope Records

songs: vocals and cowrote Song for the Dead, Hangin' Tree, God is in the Radio, Song for the Deaf. Cowrote No One Knows.
Give the People What We Want
2001 BurnBurnBurn/SubPop

song: Nothin' In the World Can Stop Me Worryin' Bout That Girl
Tribute to the Kinks, with songs done by all types of artists

Deep in the Hole
[Masters of Reality]
2001 Brownhouse Records Europe

song: High Noon Amsterdam
more on the Masters at
A live version of Mark singing High Noon Amsterdam with Masters is available on their live album, Flak-n-Flight, which is available for purchase at the Masters website above.

Desert Sessions 7 & 8
2001 Rekords Rekords
/Southern Lord
song: Hanging Tree
Josh Homme, Chris Goss, Brendon McNichol
, Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan, Fred Drake, Alain Johannes, Samantha Maloney, Natasha Schneider, and Porkchop: in the desert at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, doing what they do best.
Free The West Memphis Three
2000 Aces and Eights Records
Untitled Lullabye
This is a new, original song, and the album benefits the cause to free the West Memphis Three. Please read the info at, or check the CD insert to find out what this is all about.
Sing A Song For You
2000 Manifesto Records

song: Cafe
a tribute to Tim Buckley, with lots of great artists including Mike Johnson ("I Woke Up").
Tim Buckley info at
Human Beans

2000 Man's Ruin Records

(I think?)
song: Rock Dove
also has appearances by Josh Homme and Barrett Martin
[Queens Of The Stone Age]

2000 Interscope Records

Auto Pilot: backing vocals,
In The Fade: vocals and co-wrote the song,
I Think I lost My Headache: backing vocals


More Oar: a tribute to the Skip Spence album
[various artists]
1999 Birdman Records

Cripple Creek. a tribute to Alexander 'Skip' Spence, these are the songs from Skip's solo album, 'Oar' For more info on Skip Spence, check the official Moby grape site at:
Twisted Willie
[various artists]
1996 Justice Records
She's Not For You. this is a tribute to Willie Nelson, lots of fun people doing lots of fun Willie songs
[Mad Season]
1995 Colombia/Sony Music Entertainment
I'm Above, Long Gone Day. songs sung with Layne Staley, lyrics for Long Gone Day co-written with Staley. Of course, you're familiar with Mad Season, right? If not, shame on you, go here:
The River of Deceit or here: Mad Season


Over and Thru the Night
[Steve Fisk]
1993 K Records
One More Valley. sung with Fisk and K.D.Davis [Gary Lee Conner plays guitar]


Ball-Hog or Tugboat
[Mike Watt]

1995 Colombia/Sony Music Entertainment
Max & Wells. all songs by Mike Watt, many special guests. This one is an odd little number - rap? No...more like spoken word




Volume 9
[British compilation]
Volume March 1994

song: Wheels. original song, found only here or on 'Sharks Patrol These Waters', which is a 'best of' Volume edition. [*now also available on the 3rd solo LP, Scraps At Midnight] Booklets with interviews and annecdotes on the featured artists come with each cd, however the one in 'Sharks...' is shortened severely from the original in Volume 9.

Satisfied Mind
[The Walkabouts]
1993 Creative Man
Feel Like Going Home. this is a country/gospel song by Charlie Rich. Lanegan sings the third verse, and joins the Walkabouts on the choruses
[Beat Happening]
1992 SubPop
associate producer




Harmony In Defeat
[King Krab]
1990 Historia/K Records
To The Sun. the additional vocals on this song are credited to J. Ripplestick. Listen close, and you decide.

448 Deathless Days
[Steve Fisk]
1987 SST/Cesstone
songs: Johnny Smoke (SwampThing) - violin; This Vaccuum - distorted vocals [album also features Gary Lee Conner, Van Conner, and Mark Pickerel]

Screaming Trees Albums
for singles and other Trees info, see Time for Light

Last Words: The Final Recordings - 2011, CD, MP3 (Sunyata Records)

1. Ash Gray Sunday
2. Door Into Summer
3. Revelator
4. Crawlspace
5. Black Rose Way
6. Reflections
7. Tomorrow Changes
8. Low Life
9. Anita Gray
10. Last Words

Ocean of Confusion - 2005, CD (Sony BMG Music)

1. Who Lies in Darkness
2. Alice Said
3. Disappearing
4. Ocean of Confusion
5. Shadow of the Season
6. Nearly Lost You
7. Dollar Bill
8. More Or Less
9. For Celebrations Past
10. Julie Paradise
11. Butterfly
12. E.S.K.
13. Watchpocket Blues
14. Paperback Bible
15. Make My Mind
16. Dying Days
17. Sworn and Broken
18. Witness
19. Traveler

Nearly Lost You - 2001, CD (Sony Special CD#52076)

1. Halo Of Ashes
2. Nearly Lost You
3. Butterfly
4. Alice Said
5. Dying Days
6. Shadow Of The Season
7. All I Know
8. Something About Today
9. Uncle Anesthesia
10. Ocean Of Confusion.

Dust - 1996, LP, CD(Epic) Japanese version contains one bonus track,
"Wasted Time", and the lyrics to "All I Know". Videos made for "All I Know" and "Sworn And Broken".

1. Halo Of Ashes (4:04)
2. All I Know (3:55)
3. Look At You (4:42)
4. Dying Days (4:51)
5. Make My Mind (4:11)
6. Sworn And Broken (3:34)
7. Witness (3:39)
8. Traveler (5:22)
9. Dime Western (3:39)
10. Gospel Plow (6:17)

Sweet Oblivion - 1992, LP (Epic) Japanese version contains all lyrics + 3 bonus tracks: "Song Of A Baker", "E.S.K." and "Maybe" (titled "Van's New One"). Videos made for: "Dollar Bill", "Nearly Lost You", "Butterfly", and "Shadow of the Season".

1. Shadow Of The Season (4:33)
2. Nearly Lost You (4:07)
3. Dollar Bill (4:35)
4. More Or Less (3:11)
5. Butterfly (3:22)
6. For Celebrations Past (4:09)
7. The Secret Kind (3:08)
8. Winter Song (3:43)
9. Troubled Times (5:20)
10. No One Knows (5:13)
11. Julie Paradise (5:05)

Uncle Anesthesia - 1991, LP (Epic) Video made for "Bed Of Roses".

1. Beyond This Horizon (4:13)
2. Bed Of Roses (3:02)
3. Uncle Anesthesia (3:52)
4. Story Of Her Fate (1:40)
5. Caught Between (5:03)
6. Lay Your Head Down (3:32)
7. Before We Arise (2:26)
8. Something About Today (3:02)
9. Alice Said (4:11)
10. Time For Light (3:50)
11. Disappearing (3:12)
12. Ocean Of Confusion (3:05) 13. Closer (5:49)

Anthology: SST Years 1985-1989 - 1991, LP (SST)
Compilation of 21 tracks taken from the albums 'Other Worlds', 'Even If And Especially When', 'Invisible Lantern', and 'Buzz Factory'.

1. Barriers
2. The Turning
3. Other Worlds
4. Transfiguration
5. Don't Look Down
6. Cold Rain
7. In The Forest
8. Back Together
9. Other Days and Different Planets
10. Walk Through To This Side
11. Smokerings
12. Ivy
13. Grey Diamond Desert
14. Night Comes Creeping
15. Invisible Lantern
16. Subtle Poison
17. Windows
18. Black Sun Morning
19. Flower Web
20. End Of The Universe
21. Where The Twain Shall Meet


Change Has Come - 1990, 5-track EP (Sub Pop) (Note: some covers are green instead of yellow)

1. Change Has Come (3:21)
2. Days (3:51)
3. Flashes (3:50)
4. Time Speaks Her Golden Tongue (3:37)
5. I've Seen You Before (3:12)


Buzz Factory - 1989, LP (SST)

1. Where The Twain Shall Meet (3:27)
2. Windows (2:41)
3. Black Sun Morning (5:00)
4. Too Far Away (3:34)
5. Subtle Poison (3:50)
6. Yard Trip #7 (2:08)
7. Flower Web (3:39)
8. Wish Bringer (3:03)
9. Revelation Revolution (2:39)
10. The Looking Glass Cracked (3:33)
11. End Of The Universe (5:49)

Invisible Lantern - 1988, LP (SST)

1. Ivy (3:16
2. Walk Through To This Side (2:32)
3. Lines & Circles (3:45)
4. She Knows (2:15)
5. Shadow Song (4:15)
6. Grey Diamond Desert (4:22)
7. Smokerings (3:43)
8. The Second I Awake (2:59)
9. Invisible Lantern (3:02)
10. Even If (3:48)
11. Direction Of The Sun (2:53)
12. Night Comes Creeping (3:53)


Even If And Especially When - 1987, LP (SST)

1. Transfiguration (3:53)
2. Straight Out To Any Place (2:00)
3. World Painted (2:59)
4. Don't Look Down (2:53)
5. Girl Behind The Mask (2:33)
6. Flying (3:14)
7. Cold Rain (3:34)
8. Other Days And Different Planets (3:12)
9. The Pathway (3:25)
10. You Know Where It's At (2:29)
11. Back Together (2:08)
12. In The Forest (4:04)

Clairvoyance - 1986, LP (Velvetone, on vinyl only), 2004 CD rerelease

1. Orange Airplane (2:59)
2. You Tell Me All These Things (2:11)
3. Standing On The Edge (5:38)
4. Forever (4:21)
5. Seeing And Believing (3:32)
6. I See Stars (4:31)
7. Lonely Girl (3:06)
8. Strange Out Here (4:27)
9. The Turning (2:42)
10. Clairvoyance (4:05)

Other Worlds - 1985/1988, EP (Original demo cassette-only recorded in 1985 at Velvetone, EP released in 1988 by SST)

1. Like I Said (3:22)
2. Pictures In My Mind (2:00)
3. The Turning (2:47)
4. Other Worlds (2:39)
5. Barriers (2:51)
6. Now Your Mind Is Next To Mine (2:04)