dedicated to the music & fans of Mark Lanegan

Elizabeth's photos from the NYC show, 02/12

2012 Promo photos

Csaba's newest drawing

Andrew's ink & watercolor painting

Sam Holden's 2011 Blues Funeral Promo

Roman's pics from
Madrid, '04

Anthony's pics from
Sidney, '04

Julia and Dean's pics
Melbourne, '04

Jen's pics from Melbourne, '04

Melbourne poster

A great drawing by
Matt, '04

Steve's pics from
Portland, '04

Sara's pics from
Portland, '04

Blake's set list from
San Diego. '04

Andre's pics from
San Diego, '04

Michelle's Lola's photos, 10/15/00
(thanks Michelle)

setlist from Lola's

flyer from Lola's,

(thanks Angela)

setlist from the Baltic
Room, 10/14/00

(thanks Angela)

flyer from EMP,

Von's Showbox photo, 6/30/00
(thanks Von)

Showbox flyer, 6/30/00

ticket from Australia, 10/00
(show cancelled)
(thanks Collette)

QOTSA recording, 00

Kerrang! (Nov. '99)
(thanks Jen)

I'll Take Care Of You
promo photo, 99

(thanks Jen)

'Mucchio': Italian magazine covers, 99
(thanks Marco)

THE 1998

Noe Valley Ministry, San Fransisco
14 Nov 98

(thanks Steve)

Freight & Salvage
Coffee House
14 Nov 98

WOW Hall,
Eugene OR,
18 Nov 98

WOW Hall flyers & stubs & sigs

it was very dark there...

my photos

Jen's photos
(thanks Jen)

Seattle, WA
19 Nov 98

Showbox flyers and stubs and such

Bryan Hendrickson's' Concert Page, with excellent photos of the Showbox show and his personal review

Tonya's Showbox photos
(thanks Tonya!)

Von's Showbox photos
(thanks Von)

Berbati's Pan
Portland, OR
20 Nov 98

Berbati's Pan
flyers and stuff

Barbara's photos
(thanks Barbara)

Jen's photos of
Mike Johnson

(thanks Jen)

Deck The Hall Ball
Key Arena, Seattle
9 Dec 98

Rick Cox's photos
(thanks Rick)

Curt Doughty's photos
(thanks Curt)

Eye Candy TV's

(thanks Marianne)

Karen Mason Blair's photos
(thanks Karen)

THE 1998

Kerrang! from the October 16th Astoria show, London
(thanks Deborah)

NME from the October 16th Astoria show, London
(thanks Ann)

Crossing Border Festival, The Netherlands, 17 October 1998
(thanks Sepp and Irma)

MIlan, Italy
21 Oct. 98

(thanks Cristina)

Barcelona, Spain
22 Oct. 98

(thanks Marco)

Mark and Ben
from Popular 1 Magazine,Spain

(thanks Ann)

Mark live in Europe
(thanks Ann)

Mark and Ben in Europe
(thanks Ann)

Pictures from Valencia, Spain
25 October 98

(thanks Antonio & Chiqui)

Athens, Greece
27 October 98

Alternative Press (September '98)

Alternative Press2 (September '98)

Seattle Times (August 30, '98)

NME 1 (July '98)
(thanks Ann)

NME 2 (July '98)
(thanks Ann)

NME 3 (July '98)

Kerrang! (July '98)
(thanks Ann)

Kerrang! 2 (July '98)
(thanks Ann)

The Rocket (July '98)
(thanks Teresa)

SubPop's clever Scraps promo item
(thanks Amy)

Scraps At Midnight promo picture ('98)

Scraps era picture

(thanks Nila)

Rolling Stone CMJ picture ('97)

NME ('97)
(thanks Ann)

Mad Seaon
(from the Mad Season: Live at the Moore Video, '95)

(thanks Ligeia)

in-store appearance, Tower Records, Seattle ('94)
(thanks Patti)

another of the in-store appearance ('94)
(thanks Christopher and Doug)

Glass Onion ('94)
(thanks Christopher)

120 Minutes interview (with Mike Johnson)
(March '94)

live performance of House A Home on 120 Minutes
(March '94)

SubPop's clever Whiskey promo item

Whiskey For The
Holy Ghost promo
plaque (94)

(thanks Christopher)

Whiskey For The Holy Ghost promo photo ('94)
(thanks Christopher)

(thanks Katey)

from the Ugly Sunday video

Charles Peterson's mirror photo