dedicated to the music and fans of Mark Lanegan

Coming in 2020: Memoir Sing Backwards and Weep, with and accompanying record Straight Songs of Sorrow. Tour dates for Europe are already starting to appear, so please keep your eyes open.

21 December, 2019: To All the Fans:

When I started this site in 1997, there was nowhere to easily find information on Lanegan’s music and tours. Through the work of some dedicated fans, became the place to collect everything that could be found, including painstakingly typing in old articles from magazines, etc. I am very grateful to those who helped over the years – some of them have become my best friends. I’m grateful to all the musicians who have also helped, and all the managers over the years who did their best to keep me updated.

This site will remain here as long I can keep it here, and of course the Archive section, with all that great old information. It is with sadness that I have to say that there no longer seems to be a need to keep this site up. Everything new and coming out can be found on the scads of Facebook Groups, on the official site, or on the venue sites. Having a website like this where information is gathered in one place has become a thing of the past, and without any resources to help me keep it updated, it has sadly become useless.

I remain dedicated to the music and fans of Mark Lanegan, and if things change in the future and we go back to websites instead of social media, I will be glad to resume it’s operation. But for now, thanks for the fun over the past 22 years . See you at one of the shows.

Debbi Sullivan aka Raeni