Past Tour Dates

These are the past tour dates for Mark Lanegan, Mark Lanegan Band, and other projects in which Mark was a principle member. Live shows with Soulsavers, Isobel Campbell, and Gutter Twins are included here, but appearances as a guest, or as a member of Queens of the Stone Age, Twilight Singers, Mad Season and others are not listed. Screaming Trees live shows are not included here.

In many cases there are fan reviews attached to these pages, especially from years past. In more recent years fans have preferred to share their reviews on the forum or any number of social media sites, so I no longer include them here. But please do share your review and photos with us on the Forum!


Riccardo made an extremely comprehensive tour database, including what songs were played when and where. The last pages he sent me were from 2012. The database is accessible through the archive site, here: Tour Database