DISCOGRAPHY [Mark Lanegan & Mark Lanegan Band]

This is the solo discography for Mark Lanegan and Mark Lanegan Band releases.
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Somebody’s Knocking – Heavenly, October 18, 2019


1. Disbelief Suspension 8. Penthouse High
2. Letter Never Sent 9. Paper Hat
3. Night Flight to Kabul 10. Drunk On Destruction
4. Dark Disco Jag 11. Name and Number
5. Gazing From the Shore
6. Stitch It Up
7. Playing Nero
12. War Horse
13. She Loved You
14. Two Bells Ringing At Once










I Am The Wolf: Lyrics & Writings – Book released August 15, 2017, by Da Capo Press
Each chapter in the book covers an album and contains the lyrics for that album. There are also synopses at the beginning of each chapter, written by Mark, that give some background into the album and what was going on during the time it was created. The final chapter lists lyrics to some projects that have not been revealed yet. Preface by John Cale and foreword by Moby.






Gargoyle – Heavenly, April 28, 2017

1. Deaths Head Tattoo 6. Emperor
2. Nocturne 7. Goodbye To Beauty
3. Blue Blue Sea 8. Drunk On Destruction
4. Beehive 9. First Day Of Winter
5. Sister 10. Old Swan







Lanegan remix

Still Life With Roses: Gargoyle Remixes EP [vinyl & MP3]

1. Nocturne Adrian Sherwood Remix 3. Beehive Andrew Weatherall Remix
2. Blue Blue Sea Not Waving Remix 4. Beehive Andrew Weatherall Dub
 3. Old Swan Pye Corner Audio Remix 5. Death’s Head Tattoo (BLOOD MUSIC Falling Percussion Dub)




One Way Street – SubPop Records, December 11, 2015

This 6 LP vinyl set (including digital download cards) contains the 5 solo albums released by SubPop, with Whiskey for the Holy Ghost being split onto two discs. For full track listings, see the individual albums below.

Disc 1: The Winding Sheet Disc 4: Scraps at Midnight
Disc 2: Whiskey for the Holy Ghost side 1 Disc 5: I’ll Take Care of You
Disc 3: Whiskey for the Holy Ghost side 2 Disc 6: Field Songs



houstonHouston: Publishing Demos 2002 – Ipecac Recordings, August 21, 2015

1. No Cross 7. The Primatives
2. Two Horses 8. Blind
3. When It’s in You (Methamphetamine Blues) 9. Halcyon Daze
4. High Life 10. Nothing Much To Mention
5. I’ll Go Where You Send Me 11. A Suite for Dying Love
6. Grey Goes Black 12. Way to Tomorrow


A Thousand Miles of Midnight – Phantom Radio Remixes – Vagrant/Heavenly, February/ March, 2015

1. Death Trip To Tulsa – Mark Stewart’s exopolitix demix 8. Waltzing in Blue – Earth dub mix
2. I Am The Wolf – Greg Dulli remix 9. Harvest Home – Magnus remix
3. The Killing Season – UNKLE remix 10. The Wild People – Alistair Galbraith remix
4. Torn Red Heart – Moby remix 11. Dry Iced – Thomas Barfod remix
5. No Bells On Sunday – Moon Gangs remix 12. Jonas Pap – Soulsavers Aural Disorientation remix
6. Floor Of the Ocean – Pye Corner Audio remix 13. Seventh Day – Tom Furse extrapolation
7. Sad Lover – Mikey Young remix 14. Judgement Time – Alain Johannes remix

phantomradioPhantom Radio – Vagrant/Heavenly, October, 2014

1. Harvest Home 6. I Am the Wolf
2. Judgement Time 7. Torn Red Heart
3. Floor of the Ocean 8. Waltzing in Blue
4. The Killing Season 9. The Wild People
5. Seventh Day 10. Death Trip to Tulsa

nobellsdiscpageNo Bells On Sunday EP – Vagrant/Heavenly, August or September, 2014 (depending on where you are in the world!) Vinyl, digital download with vinyl

1. Dry Iced 3. Sad Lover
2. No Bells on Sunday 4. Jonas Pap
5. Smokestack Magic


anthologyHas God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989 – 2011 – Light In The Attic, January 14, 2014; CD, LP in black, red, or yellow vinyl, Digital Download – This Light in the Attic release includes a full booklet with pictures and lyrics to each song hand-written by
Mark Lanegan.

Disc One
1. Bombed 11. Creeping Coastline of Lights
2. One Hundred Days 12. Lexington Slow Down
3. Come To Me 13. Last One in the World
4. Mirrored 14. Wheels
5.Pill Hill Serenade 15. Mockingbirds
6. One Way Street 16. Wild Flowers
7. Kimiko’s Dream House 17. Sunrise
8. Low 18. Carnival
9. Ressurection Song 19. Pendulum
10. Shiloh Town 20. The River Rise

Disc Two (previously unreleased tracks

1. Dream Lullabye 7. No Contestar
2. Leaving New River Blues 8. Big White Cloud
3. Sympathy 9. Following The Rain
4. To Valencia Courthouse 10. Grey Goes Black
5. A Song While Waiting 11. Halcyon Daze
6. Blues for D (vocal version) 12. Blues Run The Game (live)

Imitations: Vagrant/Heavenly, September 17th, 2013; CD, LP, Digital Download. This album is comprised of cover songs. Names of the artists that the covers are based are links. 

1. Flatlands
Chelsea Wolfe
7. Solitaire
Andy Williams
2. She’s Gone
Vern Gosdin
8. Mack The Knife
Dave Van Ronk
3. Deepest Shade
The Twilight Singers
9. I’m Not The Loving Kind
John Cale
4. You Only Live Twice
Nancy Sinatra
10. Lonely Street
Andy Williams
5. Pretty Colors
Frank Sinatra
11. Elegie Funebre
Gerard Manset(French)
6. Brompton Oratory
Nick Cave
12. Autumn Leaves
Andy Williams

bluesfuneralsmBlues Funeral: 4AD, February 6th, 2012; CD, LP, Digital Download

1. The Gravedigger’s Song 7. Phantasmagoria Blues
2. Bleeding Muddy Water 8. Quiver Syndrome
3. Gray Goes Black 9. Harborview Hospital
4. St Louis Elegy 10. Leviathan
5. Riot In My House 11. Deep Black Vanishing Train
6. Ode To Sad Disco 12. Tiny Grain Of Truth

gravedigSingle: The Gravedigger’s Song



bubblecoverBubblegum: Beggars Banquet, August 2004; CD, LP

1. When Your Number Isn’t Up 9. Come To Me
2. Hit The City 10. Like Little Willie John
3. Wedding Dress 11. Can’t Come Down
4. Methamphetamine Blues 12. Morning Glory Wine
5. One Hundred Days 13. Head
6. Bombed 14. Driving Death Valley Blues
7. Strange Religion 15. Out Of Nowhere
8. Sideways In Reverse



Sideways in Reverse: download, promo CD
Hit The City/Mud Pink Skag/Mirrored: CD, 7″
Videos: Sideways in Reverse, Hit The City

chillHere Comes That Weird Chill: Beggars Banquet, November 2003 [UK], December 2003 [US]; CD, 10″ vinyl

1. Methamphetamine Blues 5. Lexington Slow Down
2. On The Steps Of The Cathedral 6. Skeletal History
3. Clear Spot 7. Wish You Well
4. Message To Mine 8. Sleep With Me/Version

fieldsmField Songs: SubPop, May 2001; CD

1. One Way Street 7. Resurrection Song
2. No Easy Action 8. Field Song
3. Miracle 9. Low
4. Pill Hill Serenade 10. Blues for D
5. Don’t Forget Me 11. She Done Too Much
6. Kimiko’s Dream House 12. Fix

takecareI’ll Take Care of You: SubPop, September 1999; CD, LP [UK only]
This album is comprised of cover songs. Links to the original artists are provided below.

1. Carry Home
(Jeffery Lee Pierce)
7. On Jesus’ Program
(Overton Vertis Wright)
2.I’ll Take Care of You
(Brook Benton)
8.Little Sadie
3. Shilo Town
(Tim Hardin)
9. Together Again
(Buck Owens)
4. Creeping Coastline of Lights
(Leaving Trains)
10. A Shanty Man’s Life
(Steven Harrison Paulus)
5. Badi-Da
(Fred Neil)
11. Boogie Boogie
(Tim Rose)
6. Consider Me
(Eddie Floyd/ Booker T. Jones)

scrapsScraps At Midnight: SubPop, July 1998; CD, LP

1. Hospital Roll Call 6. Wheels
2.  Hotel 7. Waiting On A Train
3. Stay 8. Day And Night
4. Bell Black Ocean 9. Praying Ground
5. Last One In The World 10.  Because Of This

staysingle: Stay/ Death Don’t Have No Mercy/ Slide Machine
green vinyl, yellow vinyl, CD


soundcheckcompliation: Sound:Check (SubPop)
Last One In The World/ Bell Black Ocean


wfthgWhiskey For The Holy Ghost: SubPop, January 1994; CD, LP, cassette

1. The River Rise 8. Dead On You
2. Borracho 9. Shooting Gallery
3. House A Home 10. Sunrise
4. Kingdoms of Rain 11. Pendulum
5. Carnival 12. Judas Touch
6. Riding The Nightingale 13. Beggar’s Blues
7. El Sol

hahsingle: House A Home/ Shooting Gallery/ Sunrise/ Ugly Sunday


hypecompliation: Hype! (SubPop)
The River Rise



video: House A Home (SubPop Video Network Volume 3)



twsThe Winding Sheet: SubPop, May 1990; CD, LP in black or red vinyl

1. Mockingbirds 8. The Winding Sheet
2. Museum 9. Woe
3. Undertow 10. Ten Feet Tall
4. Ugly Sunday 11. Where Did you Sleep Last Night?
5. Down in the Dark 12. Juarez
6. Wild Flowers 13. I Love you Little Girl
7. Eyes of a Child

ditdsingle: Down in the Dark/ I Love You Little Girl
black vinyl 7″


grungeyearscompliation: The Grunge Years (SubPop)
Ugly Sunday




video: Ugly Sunday(SubPop Video Network Volume 1)