All projects mentioned here have been reported as being in the works. As additional information becomes available, it will be ADDED to the page with the original article. Please scroll down the page for that project for the latest update.

9.13.18 – Update, the album The Wall (Redux), in various formats is now available for preorder! Check it out at Magnetic Eye Records.
3.6.17 –  Contribution to a Pink Floyd tribute album, The Wall (Redux) by Magnetic Eye Records: Well, the dust has settled and the hangovers have dissipated, and we can now look back at the past month of unbelievable news and gargantuan achievements and call our pre-order Kickstarter for THE WALL [REDUX] a towering success.  And we’re not talking in terms of the funding side, although that we did more than triple our initial goal…read more  *updated 9.13.18

2018 – Sing Backwards and Weep, a new book by Mark, is acquired by Da Capo Press and set for a 2020 release.

2018 – Contribution to Marianne Faithful’s new album Negative Capability. Mark co-wrote the song “They Come At Night”.

2018 – Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. In season 10, episode 7: Seattle, Mark’s music is featured via clips of a private live show recorded for the episode, as well as a short interview with Mr. Bourdain.
See the full episode here:
The episode’s closer, Strange Religion

Gutterdämmerung – an experiential film/concert/force of nature – find out more…