Tour: 2007

2007 had tours with Isobell Cambell, Soulsavers, and the Bob Dylan film promo
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The 2007 tour for Ballad of the Broken Seas, with Isobel Campbell

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
St. Georges
Ghent, Belguim
Bologna, Italy
Nuovo Estragon
Athens, Greece

The summer 2007 tours with Soulsavers and Isobel Campbell

with The Soulsavers
July 5, 2007 Open Air Amphitheatre Athens, Greece
July 6, 2007 Cactus Festival Brugge, Belgium
July 7, 2007 Roskilde Roskilde, Denmark
July 8, 2007 T in the Park Balado, Scotland
July 10, 2007 Melkweg (small hall) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
July 11, 2007 Le Nouveau Casino Paris, France
July 13, 2007 Summer Case Madrid, Spain
July 14, 2007 Summer Case Barcelona, Spain
July 15, 2007 Latitude Festival Suffolk, UK
July 16, 2007 Academy 3 Manchester, UK
July 17, 2007 Bush Hall London, UK
July 18, 2007 Bush Hall London, UK
with Isobel Campbel
July 25, 2007 Queen Elizabeth Hall London, UK
July 26, 2007 Queen Elizabeth Hall London, UK
July 28, 2007 Sage Gateshead, UK
July 29, 2007 Secret Garden Cambridge, UK
July 31, 2007 Varieties Leeds, UK
August 3, 2007 Tivoli Utrecht, The Netherlands
August 4, 2007 Dranouter Festival Belgium
August 6, 2007 Liquid Rooms Edinburgh, Scotland

The 2007 fall tour with Soulsavers, as well as the date supporting the Dylan soundtrack “I’m Not There”

I’m Not There: In Concert, a live celebration of Todd Haynes’ Bob Dylan film
New York City, NY
Beacon Theater

Soulsavers with Mark Lanegan

New York City, NY
Gramercy Theater
Philadelphia, PA
North Star Bar
Washington, DC
Black Cat
San Francisco, CA
The Independent
Los Angeles, CA

27 January, 2007, Vooruit, Ghent, Blegium – Ballad of the Broken Seas Tour

review by Danny

27th JAN 2007.


Although I am not that wild about the album “Ballad of the Broken Seas”, I did not want to miss another chance to watch and listen to Mark perform live in Belgium, having skipped his passage a couple of months ago with The Twilight Singers in Brussels. It turned out to be a good decision to spend 22 euros on this concert, because it was a truly excellent gig.

It already started unforgettably for me: thanks to stage manager Bart I managed to have my concert ticket signed by Mark and Isobel! I’m not a signature-hunter whatsoever, but this souvenir I will cherish for the rest of my life!

First the Belgian audience showed much appreciation for the support act, a certain William or Willy L, a singer-songwriter from Illinois, playing the banjo and singing with a raw, husky blues voice. Good stuff!

28 January, 2007, Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Ballad of the Broken Seas Tour

review and photos by Dylan

Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan
Support: William Elliott Whitmore
28th January 2007
Paradiso, Amsterdam – The Netherlands

After having released one of the best albums of 2006, Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan finally found some time to go on a small tour together. She had been touring solo throughout most of 2006, while he took the Twilight Singers to a higher level by joining in on their tour to perform a couple of songs each show. The Ballad Of The Broken Seas album received high praise from music critics all over the world, eventually resulting in a nomination for the prestigious Mercury Music prize. Needless to say, the expectations for this concert were high.

William Elliott Whitmore
First though the stage belonged to bluesman, William Elliott Whitmore who played a thirty minute set and received some great rounds of applause. He started of with a fantastic acapella blues song that managed to silence most of the audience. Highlight out of a set, that apart from his voice featured a banjo and an acoustic guitar, was ‘Take It On The Chin’.

At around 10.30 the stage curtain opened and out came Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan. They started of with Revolver which was followed by Carry Home, a Gun Club Cover that is also featured on Lanegan’s ‘I’ll Take Care Of You’ cover album. During the next song, Deus Ibi Est it became clear that Isobel Campbell, for one reason or another, wasn’t that focused. She forgot the lyrics, and the parts that she managed to sing weren’t all in tune. Whether she had been smoking some Dutch herbs during the course of the day, or was just nervous, it became clear that she had difficulties in putting up a good performance.

Thankfully for her, Mark Lanegan was on her side for most of the evening. On stage with his stoical pose, right hand of the microphone stand left on the microphone itself, he ensured that the show wouldn’t die a slow death. Simply because he has one of the best, if not the best, voices in modern music, he is able to make a song sound fantastic. Absolute highlights were Why Does My Head Hurt So?, Little Sadie, I’ll Take Care Of You, The Flame That Burns and The Circus Is Leaving Town.

During Saturday’s Song and Willow’s Song, when Isobel Campbell was on stage alone, without the help of Mark Lanegan, it became clear that she is a rather limited singer. However, when he returned on stage they did manage to create some beautiful moments together, for example during Sand and (Do You Wanna) Come Walk With Me.

If it hadn’t been for Mark Lanegan, it would have been a rather disappointing night.

Carry Home
Deus Ibi Est
The False Husband
Ballad Of The Broken Seas
Saturday’s Gone
Willows Song
It’s Hard To Kill A Bad Thing
Why Does My Head Hurt So?
Nottamun Town
Little Sadie
Dusty Wreath
Penso A Te
I’ll Take Care Of You
The Flame That Burns
The Circus Is Leaving Town
(Do You Wanna) Come Walk With Me
Honey Child What Can I Do?

Ramblin’ Man
Wedding Dress

< Setlist as written down on the paper on stage. Don’t know if they stuck to it exactly, but it’s pretty much correct.

7 July, 2007, Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark with Soulsavers

review by Rita Dabrowicz

See Rita’s pictures here:

SoulSavers featuring Mark Lanegan
Roskilde Festival, Denmark
Arena, 07.07.2007
Saturday, 19:00 PM

1. “Ask the dust” (instrumental)
2. “Ghost of you and me”
3. “All night long” by Junior Kimbrough (?)
4. “Paper money”
5. “Kingdoms of rain”
6. “Effigy” by Creedence Clearwater Revival
7. “Jesus of nothing”
8. “Revival”
9. “Arizona Bay” and “Some Velvet Morning” by Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra (instrumental medley)
10.”Through my sails” by Neil Young (heavily modified with altered lyrics)

As one of the volunteers working for the Group 100 at the Roskilde festival, this year my work schedule was hectic. Nearly 12 hour shifts every day left me with a little time to enjoy the music. But even being almost overworked to death, I just had to see SoulSavers performance at The Arena on Saturday evening. After all, that was one of the few reasons why, I decided to spent my annual holidays in Denmark freezing in my tent at nights and drowning in mud during the day.

Arena is the biggest of all six stages at the festival (the others being: Orange Stage, Astoria, Cosmopol, Odeon and Pavilion). It is the “closed” type of venue (tent) while the main stage of the festival (and also the festival’s logo) the Orange stage is an open air type of venue. Arena can hold up to 60 000 people. When I entered the pits 30 minutes before the show, the venue was completely empty and I got the feeling the band is going to play for a really small audience. Unfortunately I was right. Less than 10 000 people showed for the gig and even if it sounds impressive to play in front of such a crowd, it is almost nothing by Roskilde standards, where concerts usually draw crowds three or four times bigger. The performing scene is also very tall, placed far away from the crowd (some 5 or 6 meters away from the press passage and crowd security stands) so there is no personal contact between the people and the band playing on stage. It would be much better if Mark Lanegan played at the Odeon, one of the smallest stages but having an intimate character and allowing both sides to actively participate in the show. SoulSavers at the Arena were totally separated from the audience and Mark’s stage persona (or a lack of it) didn’t help things either.

They started playing almost ten minutes late because of technical problems they had with one of the mixing consoles (there were two hidden in the back). Besides Lanegan, the band consisted of a guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bass player, two DJ (Rich Machin and Ian Glover) and two backing female singers. Instrumental “Ask the dust” opened the show, but Mark Lanegan didn’t appear on stage until the first few chords of second track “Ghost of you and me”. He walked very slowly to the microphone, grabbed the stand, greeted the crowd with a single nod of his head and started to sing with his eyes closed. Entirely dressed in black but ghostly white, Mark seemed very tired or even ill. He didn’t move at all, he was standing motionless, but his singing was flawless. Breathtaking versions of “Paper money” and “Kingdoms of rain” followed. The band also played “Jesus of nothing” and “Revival” which probably was the best moment of the show.

Despite concentrating mostly on the studio material, Lanegan surprised everyone performing cover version of “All night long” by Junior Kimborough from the album “Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough” and “Effigy” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Mark left the stage right after “Revival” having spent there only 34 minutes, but the band played on. We had a chance to hear a truly unique instrumental medley of “Arizona Bay” and “Some velvet morning” that lasted almost 10 minutes. “Through my sail” performed only by the backing singers closed the set. Soulsavers didn’t play any encores.

I don’t blame him for not coming back because the audience was simply rude to him throughout the gig. People kept talking about different things like the weather or leaking tents quite loudly and he even stopped singing in one moment during “Effigy” because it distracted him. Others kept whistling at him every ten seconds, shouted his name during songs or even made some requests. I heard some guys shouting “Shadow of a season” and “Whiskey for a holy ghost” all the time. Mark was visibly twitching every time someone whistled or shouted something. After the “Revival” he simply shook his head in disbelief and left the stage without saying goodbye. You could tell he was very angry and disappointed with the people. I can honestly say the Roskilde audience was not able to appreciate one of the best concerts of the festival and the one of the best shows I ever been to. Mark could recite tax declarations onstage and it would still sound good.

But not only had the audience failed. The show was almost non existent in the festival media. Only a small review was printed in Roskilde newspaper on Sunday (and it was given 5 stars – the highest note for a concert)., an official photo agency of the festival didn’t send any journalist/photographer to the gig. When I wanted to buy an official print, I was told Mark’s show was the only one not being covered by them (!!) Official merchandise store at the Arena was selling Machine Head CD’s and t-shirts before and after Soulsavers concert, even despite the fact Machine Head played almost 3 hours earlier. It was the first time in almost 15 years that Mark played at Roskilde and I’m sure he will not remember it fondly (first time was in 1992 with The Screaming Trees). But I hope to see him play there sometime again.

The good thing was that a group of people (two of them are members of forum, they asked to remain anonymous so I will not mention their names) left a package for Mark at Volunteer Lounge where I worked. It was taken to the backstage production office at the Arena where I was given a promise it would be passed onto Mark. There was a book about the festival entitled “Dreams and Drive” (out of print right now, it covers 25 years of the festival’s history and mentions Screaming Trees’ performance at the Orange Stage in 1992), two official t-shirts and two copies of 2007 Roskilde programme. I have also talked with V2 representatives in the media village: Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Helen who also promised to make sure it was delivered to Lanegan. As of today, sadly, I haven’t heard from them yet, but I’m looking forward any news from them. I only hope Mark has received the gift. There are people who truly appreciate what he’s doing and will support him in good and bad times.

Rita Dabrowicz

Rita would like to thank V2 label and Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Helen. If you read this, thank you wholeheartedly for your time and interest. Tak.

Soulsavers feat. Mark Lanegan – Manchester Academy 3, UK, July 16 2007
review by Foz

First things first: the new smoking ban in England’s public buildings may be good for the nation’s health, but at least cigarette smoke used to cover up the collective pheromones of 300+ sweaty people crammed in a little room – it was like the worst long-haul flight you can imagine in there….

Anyway, onto the show. The band came on and tore straight into a full-blooded version of Ask The Dust, and as a statement of intent for the evening, it was perfectly judged. There was certainly room for subtlety during the evening’s proceedings (an incredible version of Kingdoms of Rain, for example), but for the most part it was transforming the sometimes-delicate sounds of It’s Not How Far You Fall… into something that little bit noisier. So by the time Lanegan took the stage for Ghosts of You & Me, the crowd were more than ready.

And after that, it was great song after great song, with highlights being the aforementioned Kingdoms, a very low-down & dirty All Night Long (Mark’s contribution to the 2005 Junior Kimbrough tribute album Sunday Nights) and an uplifting cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Effigy. The main set concluded with a heavy Jesus of Nothing, followed by an absolutely blinding version of Cabin Fever from their 2003 Tough Guys Don’t Dance album, spliced with Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra’s Some Velvet Morning, sung by the excellent backing singers (apologies for a general lack of names here, nobody was introduced). Doesn’t sound on paper like it could possibly work, but it did.

Mark then returned for Revival, which could only have been better if it was much louder, and then he was off again with a quick wave to the crowd, leaving the band to belt out one final Creedence Cover – Midnight Special, with the backing singers taking a well-deserved cheer for their performance – before the lights went up for the last time.

In all, an excellent night out, and testament to the versatility of the performers (and the songs themselves) that the studio tracks could be transformed so well to the full-blooded performance we were treated to last night. Miss them at your peril.

And any council members that may have been lurking just in case Mr Lanegan contravened the Health Act (2006), tough. He didn’t spark up once.


Ask The Dust
Ghosts of You & Me
All Night Long
Paper Money
Kingdoms of Rain
I Belong to the Band – Hallelujah (Rev. Gary Davis) – thanks to Fluffygrue for finding this one out!
Jesus of Nothing
Cabin Fever/Some Velvet Morning
Midnight Special

31 July, 2007, Varieties, Leeds, UK with Isobel Campbell

review by Isaac

this was just an awesome experience. first of all, the leeds concert varieties music hall is just gorgeous. second of all, isobel campbell is even more gorgeous 😀

the concert was awesome..acoustics were perfect..every note of gravel in lanegan’s voice came through. i grabbed a setlist after the show, so the exact songs played list was:

Carry Home (great stuff)
Deus Ibi Est
Who Built the Road
The False Husband
Ballad of the Broken Seas
Saturday’s Gone
It’s Hard To Kill a Bad Thing
Willow’s Song (I really liked this solo Campbell tune)
O Love is Teasin’ (Cool short little number)
Little Sadie (Kicked ass)
I’ll Take Care of You
Salvation (new song from forthcoming campbell/lanegan album)
Keep Me in Mind Sweetheart(another new song, sweet song about falling in
love while youre married 😉 )
Circus is Leaving Town (just love this song)
Do You Wanna Come Walk with Me
Honey Child What Can I Do?

Come on Over (Turn Me On) (another new song off the forthcoming album – this song actually rocks pretty hard and is pretty sexy – best of the new stuff imo)
Ramblin’ Man
Wedding Dress

so 22 songs and a 2 hour show – pretty great. Lanegan didn’t talk at all as usual -when someone yelled out ‘hello’ isobel campbell joked ‘you won’t get him to talk no matter what’ and mark smiled. but his voice sounded just perfect in this beautiful venue, and so did isobel’s – they got the levels so even her whispers came across great, which is tough in a live setting. really a magical evening with many goosebump moments – i coulda watched them for another 2 hours. looking forward to the next album from this partnership.

4 August, 2007, Dranouter Festival, Danouter, Belguim, with Isobel Campbell

review by Kris

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
Folk Dranouter
Dranouter, Belgium
August 4, 2007

Isobel and Mark were the sole reason I went to the Folk Dranouter festival, and it was definitely worth it. I had seen Isobel with Eugene Kelly last summer and is was OK, but I could only dream what it would be like with Mark on stage.

First off, the venue wasn’t so great: a rather large tent with little intimacy and rather poor sound (especially Isobel was pretty low in the mix). As you can see from the set list, there were quite a few tracks from Lanegan’s solo albums. I must say these were absolutely fantastic. The lapsteel on Carry on, and Isobel’s vocal additions to that song were superb! Little Sadie and I’ll Take Care of You were two other highlights for me personally. Circus is Leaving Town and Honey Child came later on in the set and didn’t disappoint either. They closed the set with Wedding Dress from Lanegan’s Bubblegum album. There was no encore unfortunately, but honestly the crowd didn’t really deserve it. In total they played a solid 60 minute set, which is not too bad for a festival…

They played one new track, but unfortunately I can’t gather from the previously posted setlists which song it was. I’m also terrible at remembering lyrics, although “Is it any wonder…” was a repeating lyric. One cover song was played, which I’m also not familiar with.

Setlist (may be out of order a bit):

Carry on
Deus Ibi est
The False Husband
Little Sadie
I’ll Take Care of You
Circus is Leaving Town
Saturday’s gone
Honey Child
unknown cover song
new song
Do You Wanna Come Walk with Me
Rambin’ Man
Wedding Dress

Best regards
Kris Doggen