Tour: 2001

The 2001 UK/European/US tour for Mark Lanegan
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Mark Lanegan – Vocals
Mike Johnson – Guitar
Dave Catching- Bass
Brett Netson- Guitar
Gene Trautman -Drums

2001 Field Songs Tour
24 November, 2001
Cork, Ireland
Half Moon
25 November, 2001
Dublin, Ireland
26 November, 2001
Belfast, N. Ireland
28 November, 2001
Newport, Wales UK
30 November, 2001
Glasgow, Scotland
1 December, 2001
Manchester, UK
2 December, 2001
London, UK
3 December, 2001
Wolverhampton, UK
Wulfrun Hall
4 December, 2001
Brussels, Belgium
Ancienne Belgique
5 December, 2001
Copenhagen, Denmark
8 December, 2001
Milan, Italy
Transilvania Live
9 December, 2001
Florence, Italy
10 December, 2001
Cessena, Italy
12 December, 2001
Barcelona, Spain
13 December, 2001
Madrid, Spain
14 December, 2001
Salamanca, Spain
Teatro Breton
15 December, 2001
Vitoria, Spain
18 December, 2001
Portland, OR
Berbati’s Pan
19 December, 2001
Seattle, WA
21 December, 2001
San Francisco, CA
22 December, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
Knitting Factory

24 November, 2001, Half Moon, Cork, Ireland

review by Dave

This is how things went on the opening night of Mark Lanegan’s European Tour. November 24, 2001. Bus journey from Dublin to Cork: a wretched four and a half hours in inhospitable November weather. Some of the countryside along the way is worth a glance though, pale winter sun from behind clouds dark with incipient rain, casting a dreary light on old stone and grass. Even if you wouldn’t want to spend a night out in those moist woods or drenched fields. Stopped at the half-way point at a backwater town which I will not name, but I stood around in the cold and thought to myself: this better be fucking worth it.

This happened only nine days ago, but it seems like a much longer time. Already the events are kind of distant, misted over: as if they transpired years ago, or didn’t happen at all and were dreamed. If that sounds a bit melodramatic it’s not meant to: all that happened was a rock gig, obviously, but that’s kind of how it feels. By the time I arrived in Cork it was dark and a shivering drizzle was falling. I went to the gig on my own. Seemed appropriate. The Half Moon Theatre wasn’t full at all. Plenty of room to move about, no-one crushing at the front of the stage. Wandered over a few yards in front of the stage. That entire area was clear. Mike Johnson came out and played a few songs, including ‘Remember’ and ‘Dirty Hands’ I think. Apart from his work on the Lanegan albums, I’d heard Johnson with Dinosaur Jr., but wasn’t familiar with his solo stuff. Good voice, but the songs were very slow. Johnson seemed to acknowledge this with a few quips about how ‘this next one is really gonna liven the place up’, or words to that effect.

When the band came out and started straight into ‘Field Song’ the place was nearly full, but there was a still a good yard and a half of space between the crowd and the stage. It was as if we were being very polite, but the Half Moon seems to be that kind of venue, attracting a very chilled out crowd who were still really into the music. ‘Borracho’ and ‘Pendulum’ followed ‘Field Song’, then I think it was ‘No Easy Action’ and ‘Miracle’ and then in no particular order here are the rest of the songs:

don’t forget me/ river rise/ bell black ocean/ pill hill serenade/ because of this/ the winding sheet/ i’ll take care of you/ on jesus’ program/ hotel/ she done too much/ creeping coastline of lights/ gospel plow

I stood in the front line, knew the words to every song. Lanegan must have seen me mouthing along to them. I thought to myself, ‘Jesus, I know all the songs, he’s going to think I’m some kind of lunatic fan or something.’ In any event, he hardly said two words, except ‘Thanks’ a couple of times, but crouched periodically at the microphone stand to light cigarettes or knock them into an ashtray. Towards the end somebody in the crowd asked him to introduce the band, which he did, the most he said all night. A couple of people in the crowd then said, ‘Yeah, and who are you?’, which predictably drew no reaction at all. Dose of Irish humour for ya there, Mark. The gig itself was great, maybe the best I’ve seen, but there is no way to describe it really other than to list the songs. It ended with a full-on version of ‘Gospel Plow’ but ‘Pill Hill Serenade’ was the one which stayed with me; I kind of associate it with a girl I spent some time with last September, and walking out on my own at 11 o’clock at night the drizzle was coming down. Cars rolled past on the drenched streets. ‘Tail lights through silver rain’. Waited half an hour for a bus that didn’t come. It didn’t matter.

25 November, 2001, Whelans, Dublin, Ireland
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review and ticket scan by Dave

Went along to the show with three friends, all of whom made the trip from Galway (west coast of Ireland, 120 miles from Dublin). We arrived a bit late, and Brett Netson was already into his set. He had his guitar cranked up and he knocked licks and notes out of it with an effect that was powerful and mournful. Not a bad voice either. Netson asked if anybody had any jokes, some guy standing behind me came up with one about a baby and a liquidiser which I’m not going to repeat here in case I get fucking arrested or something. I gulped out of a pint of porter (i.e. Guinness): dark, heavy liquid somehow appropriate for the night. A sullen sodium glare lit the crowded venue, cigarette smoke hung in acrid clouds. It was going to be a long night for booze. That black viscid crap (i.e. Guinness again) will kill us all yet.

After Netson’s set finished there was a short wait. Mike Johnson, Dave Catching, Netson and Gene Trautmann came out and set their stuff up. Mark Lanegan strolled onto the stage. If it’s possible to slouch while you walk, that’s what he was doing. No words. Just straight into ‘Pendulum’, which I think is one of the most powerful songs on Whiskey for the Holy Ghost. You know that repeating guitar bit. My friend Joe is 30 years old, married with two kids, he is a recent convert to Lanegan’s stuff and he is also not what you would call the sentimental type and neither am I. That song nearly had him in tears. That was followed up with Borracho, which always does it for me, and then Lanegan said, ‘Thanks, goodnight’ and made as if to go off the stage. That got a few laughs, which was probably no mean feat cause I think it was a pretty downbeat, morose crowd.

‘Hey Mark,’ shouted some fool in the crowd. ‘Happy birthday.’ Lanegan stood at the mic. He looked stunned. ‘Oh yeah. I forgot about that.’ he said. ‘I’ve reached the spry old age of one hundred and fifty. So I can wear my old man’s clothes now.’ I think, though, he was actually pleased to hear it, cause he loosened up a bit. Things had ground to a standstill on the stage. Something had gone wrong with one of the amps, I think. ‘Holy technical fuck-up,’ Lanegan said. ‘Those were two great songs though’. This raised an appreciative applause from the crowd. The problem got sorted, and here I get hazy on the details of the setlist. Not the songs, just the order of the songs up to the encores. That fool in the crowd was me. Debbi told me to say it.

pendulum/ borracho/ no easy action/ miracle/ one way street/ river rise/ bell black ocean/ because of this/ mockingbirds/ the winding sheet/ i’ll take care of you/ on jesus’ program/ hotel/ she done too much/ fix ENCORE 1: don’t forget me/ creeping coastline of lights/ gospel plow ENCORE 2: field song/ pill hill serenade

‘One Way Street’ was fucking amazing. Before ‘She Done Too Much’ he even said, ‘This is a very sad song.’ He’s right. Two of the best songs, ‘Coastline’ and ‘Pill Hill’, were both saved for encores. They didn’t intend to do a second encore at all but were more or less forced into it by the crowd, who just screamed ‘more’ continually until they gave in. Maybe they were afraid there’d be a riot or something.

Afterwards, we went into the bar end of Whelan’s. Dave Catching came out and I chatted to him for a little while. He said they’re going to meet up with Masters of Reality in England (you knew that) but I got the impression that Nick and Josh from QOTSA will be around as well, which is good news for anybody going to the England gigs. We talked a little bit about Kyuss. He seemed like a nice guy. Mark Lanegan walked past but I left him alone. I got the impression he didn’t want to be hassled.

After that we got obliterated, drunk.

And we eventually got home.

review by Killian

Saw Mark last night in Whelan’s in Dublin. The place was very full. I brought a friend who isn’t familiar with Mark’s music. The band came on with ‘Pendulum’ and then ripped into ‘Borracho’, really intense. However after these 2 songs there was a long gap due to what Mark called a ‘technological fuck-up. You’re looking at it !’ Somebody shouted ‘Hey Mark, happy birthday’ and he answered, ‘Don’t remind me, 150 years young. I look like my father, dress like him – but with only half his energy.’ Bit of a wit was Mark. He seemed in really good form as the band played songs from all the albums, here’s what I remember (8 pints of Guinness did make me a bit hazy):

She Done Too Much/River Rise, One Way Street, I’ll Take Care of You, Mockingbird, No Easy Action/Miracle, On Jesus’ Program, Winding Sheet/Because of This/Hotel, Bell Black Ocean , Creeping Coastline of Lights, Fix, Don’t Forget Me, Gospel Plow (which really rocked)

After a long pause when the crowd were screaming for more, they came out and did ‘Field Song’ and ‘Pill Hil Serenade’. It was superb, better than I had hoped (and I hoped for a lot). My friend had been unconvinced initially, thinking that this was a cross between Tom Waits and Pearl Jam, but after a while he got really into it – converted !

28 November, 2001, TJ’s, Newport, Wales

review by Gareth

we got there about 8 o clock, and mark was by the bar talking to someone, so i went up and asked if i could have my picture taken with him, and he said ‘sure bro, we’ll do it after the show’ , so i was dead chuffed. (He’s soo fucking tall!!). but by the end of the show, my m8 had used all the film taking pictures of his girlfriend. so im not happy. But the gig absolutely rocked. heres a very un-accurate set list…. pendulum, borracho, hmmm… someone shouted, ‘mark can i have ur seed?’, n he sed something like ‘hey its free for the taking, be it man, woman, beast.. then something else i cant remember.. oh yeah setlist…. pendulum, borracho, one way street,she done too much/river rise, no easy action, ill take care of you, hotel, because of this, miracle, on jesus program, bell black ocean, the winding sheet, mockingbirds… after a lot of screaming from the audience, they came back out and did ‘dont forget me’ and ‘gospel plow’ which was amazing. watching them do gospel plow was the closest ill ever come to seeing the trees lol.

talked to gene for a while, he said he has left qotsa, brant bjork is now with them and will be for the next tour, and gene is staying with marks band for the moment. then we sort of edged our way round the side of the stage to talk to mike, who i couldnt see for the entire show because i was behind the speakers. he was a good laugh. all in all it was excellent. mark looked in top health, and you could tell they all really enjoyed it. well i got a t shirt (‘deadslowrocknroll’), and a poster and got me ticket signed , so im happy.

oh yeah then i had a bit of a car crash on the way home….. but thats another story, and it didnt even ruin my nite.. nothin could have! 🙂

30 November, 2001, Garage, Glasgow, Scotland

review by Al

Just got back from the Mark Lanegan show in Glasgow, Scotland, it was total quality! Made it just in time to see Masters Of Reality come on,they played for about 45 mins, and rocked! they also managed to blow the mics after the first couple of songs, but got them fixed and played a great set. Mark came on at about 9:15, opened with Pendulum,Borracho and No Easy Action, then dont know about the order but he played On Jesus Program, I’ll Take Care Of You,Winding Sheet,Because Of This and a couple of others that i can’t remember, he did one encore Gospel Plow said thanks goodnight and that was it.It wasn’t the longest set i’ve heard him do but it was still an amazing gig. Can’t wait to see him with Q.O.T.S.A. next year.


1 December, 2001, MDH, Manchester, England
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review by Tony

A cold night in December at Manchester University provided the ideal setting to sip some whiskey and enjoy a truly exhilarating performance by Mark Lanegan with support from the Masters of Reality. I had only been introduced to the solo career of Mark Lanegan some 6 months beforehand and had wondered, “how the hell have I missed this for so long?” and so the journey 40 miles across the bleak pennines became a pilgrimage more than just another trip to Manchester for a gig.

I had previously seen Mike Johnson playing bass for Dinosaur Jr some five years earlier at this very venue and here he was again with his long term collaborator, and main attraction for the evening. And so the music played. The setlist was perfectly chosen, launching straight into Pendulum and a spectacularly powerful version of Borracho which set the tone for the night. A stack of fantastic songs followed, including a beautiful version of I’ll Take Care of You, and a version of Jesus’ Program that just blew me away (every inch of pain was visible on his face). A completely electric set also proved that Lanegans acoustic work is not limited to such medium. Covering all five of his albums of the last 11 years, the breadth and depth of The Man’s work was evident, but his voice sounds better than ever. Whether it was the Jack Daniels, or the rumbling floor from Marks vocals (which seemed to resemble a plane taking off on Oxford Road outside), come the encore when he slipped into “Gospel Plow” my girl passed out. The experience seemed all too much for the little lady, and “to make matters worse the trains were on time” and we were late out, prompting an extortionately priced taxi ride home to Sheffield. Despite this, nothing could have ruined such an evening. Power and mood that I’ve never seen at a gig, probably never will..until the next time.
Tony Richardson, Leeds, UK.

review by Nick

Its taken years for the likes of Mark Lanegan to come over here, to show us mancs his live stuff, and was it good . f***ck yeah . Ive never seen Masters of reality before and they were just the start, the y were cool , loved the melodeic lines the guys played , it made me want to find out more about the band. Something which the band would love to hear, exelent contributions to the guys from QOTSA. Now they are guys who are in to there music. On to the old Lanegan, first of all what an awesome voice the guy has, its amazing on record but live f**ck me the guy is inspiring, ask yourselves is there a voice out therew to match the dudes voice . Answer NO…. On to the set …..When he walked on, it was just good enough to see the guy and his band, heres a few songs I took down to start with NO EASY ACTION, (a favof mine), ONE WAY STREET,DONT FORGET ME,LOW,(an awesome song),FIX, BORACCHO,and Gospel plow for the encore. The old Lanegan didnt say a word throughout the set , that was good , it adds to the illusion of the guy, one thing Mike Johnson Knifed that guitar, a bit of a good player. The night was great , all the bands played superbly, nothing like a bit of blues for the Mancunian .The night was the best gig Ive been to in a while , it inspired me ……Bring some more on for us Mark….Look after the voice….Catch you again ?………..All rise for the Dude………….

review by Dave
Dave’s band, Audioslave

Its been a while since I last saw Lanegan at The London Astoria and I have been lucky enough to see him with Queens of the Stone age all be it fleeting. So when a gig in Manchester came about I was a happy man (should have been Liverpool though). After downing several Jack Daniels in respect for the great man I dragged several Lanegan virgins to the front of the venue. Masters of Reality came on Stage first and were excellent, but I soon realised that the majority of people were there to see them and not Lanegan. Anyway Lanegan strolled on and instantly mesmerised the crowd starting off with Pendulum. The sound quality was obviously poor but as Borracho and No Easy Action came in it was forgotten as it was obvious he was going for the more rockin vibe and his voice was amazing. The Winding Sheet and Hotel were highlights for me and the anguished chorus of Because of This (oh it hurts god knows it does!) was incredibly moving. Gospel Plough was a surprise but was probably to satisfy the people shouting for Screaming Trees songs. After drinking so much Sour Whiskey I could hardly see, I realised that I had converted the four Lanegan Virgins who said it was the most intense gig they had been to and was miserable because it was over. He definitely should do an acoustic gig and do Riding The Nightingale, but as long as he keeps going that will do me. Hoping he will play Liverpool. Cheers.

2 December, 2001, Astoria, London, UK
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review by Nila

I do the early arrival-long wait thing again. Got there at 4.45, doors weren’t opening til 7 (with luck), to find that we supposed to get Anyone 7.40 to 8.15, Masters of Reality 8.35-9.35 and Mark 10-11.
Ok ……….

It’s not too bad for the first hour, but the weather gets steadily colder and wetter and I begin to freeze. The soundchecks go by, which is a nice distraction and then, finally, we’re all in. I was at the front of the queue and I just headed straight for the bar. The strange thing being that, cold as I was, the first thing I bought is an ice-cold beer. Go figure!

Anyone got on stage until 7.40 and at roughly 7.43 I wanted them to leave. Sorry if this offends, but they were absolute crap. The music was awful and the singer/guitarist seemed to think he was the ultimate rock-god – guitar over the head, agonised facial expressions – you name is, he cliched it. And he’s wearing a green satin shirt and Gap khakis hanging halfway off his arse. In the UK, it’s called ‘builder’s bum’ and it’s not big, and it’s not clever. And dear lord, is that … yes it is ….. glitter eyeshadow.


3 songs in and the singer seems to think we’re confused, aren’t ‘getting’ them. It wasn’t us mate. One quiet comment from someone behind me – ‘oh fuck off’. And at 8.15 they did – and that got the biggest round of applause yet.

20 minutes later four tall, lanky gents wander on stage -Nick, Chris, Josh and (I’m assuming) John (he’s way in the back at the drums and I can’t see too well) to cheers and much applause.

And launch straight in to what has to be one of the best sets I have ever heard in my life. I can’t usually remember who plays what, but a couple of comments did stick:

Chris (having introduced Nick), turns to Josh, mutters something about ‘trying to find A minor’ (or a minor – god knows which), grins at Josh and says ‘no pun intended’. The crowd crack up laughing, so does Josh and so does Nick. It’s while Nick’s laughing that I am finally convinced that every story I’ve ever read or heard about him is absolutely true – all of them!

Chris follows that comment with one which ends ‘four words – my dick, your mouth’.

CNN and ‘all the bloodletters of the world’ get a song dedicated to them too. Mark strides out, the band blast straight into another song and everything just gets better and better. Mark leaves the stage and as he goes, gives and receives a huge hug from Chris. Both of them were smiling like it was the best time on earth.

Watching the guys, it occurs to me that this must be the tallest tour going. Mark, Josh, Mike, Nick, Chris – not exactly short are they?

MOR sounded great and there was a real sense of everyone having a great time playing. I would love to know what private joke was going back and forth between Josh & Nick though. They kept shooting comments back and forth across the stage at each other, but I don’t lip-read so I’ve no idea what was said. Whatever it was, it certainly had them laughing!

MOR eventually troop off but I wish they had stayed a little longer. They played such a great show – everything went like a dream. I’m hoping they’ll tour again soon – that would be the best start to 2002 going (no pressure or anything guys!)

There’s another bit of a wait and then the lights go waaaaay down and on troop Mark and co. It’s really difficult to see anything – the lights are dark cobalt blue, a sort of turquoise and pale sea-green but dim beyond belief. Half the time, the only way I know Mark is still on stage is because he has a white long-sleeved sweatshirt under his black t-shirt, and his arms and pale face sort of show up in the gloom!

It was good to see Mike again too. He looked his usual self, and his hair is back to being brown and short again, instead of blond and tufty.

From what I remember we got (this is not the right order) Winding Sheet, No Easy Action, One Way Street, Don’t Forget Me, Because of This, Hotel, I’ll Take Care of You, On Jesus Program, (I think) Mockingbirds and that’s where my memory fails me.I don’t know about anyone else who was there, but I thought the band this time just didn’t gel right – nobody talked to each other at all, except maybe Mark & Mike – but in ’98 eveyrone seemed to be having a really good time.

Having said that, Mark was in very very good voice – Because of This particularly was spectacular. When I’d been waiting outside the Astoria a guy in a baseball cap next to me had said to his friend that he’d be happy if Mark only played One Way Street. Got your wish mate!

The sound was a bit muddy on a few of the tracks – something just wasn’t quite right. But, you know, it’s not often Mark tours his solo stuff, so I’m just glad that he made it over, played the show, and I got to hear No Easy Action live. It was much quicker than on record, but it’s one of my favourite songs and it was great to hear it.

And we got a very deep and almost inaudible ‘thank you’ after each song. God, where does that voice come from? It’s so far deep down that i’m surprised he can find it!

The only real problem was this stupid photographer who was standing pretty much under Mark’s feet. Lady, can you not take a subtle hint? If a man shields his eyes everytime you take a photo and a fucking great flash goes off, surely you should stop? It was irritating hell out of me, and I wasn’t near it! It was obviously irritating Mark too – he was damn near hiding his face in his arms everytime she came anywhere near him and turning away from her.

The first bit of the show kind of ended really abruptly – it was like, ‘ok that’s it, we’re gone’ Yeah, right, Mark.

So, we yelled, clapped, stamped feet, screamed, yelled and stamped some more and FINALLY (it was quite a wait) everyone trooped back out to play Gospel Plow. Good choice, beautiful song. And off they go again.

And this time it’s for good. Mark just kind of went ‘thank you all, good evening’ and damn near ran off the stage, quickly followed by everyone else. This happened in 1998 and after a bit out he came and played some more but not this time.

It finally sank in that it really was over with when the equipment started to get taken down, the lights came up (ouch!) and a security guy with a megaphone came out and told us all to get lost.

But that was that. And off I went home, happy and a bit deaf, as usual.

Bye Mark, see you next time.

review by George

I went to the Astoria last night to see Mark Lanegan after three years and two weeks since he last headlined a gig in London (which incidentally happened to be the Astoria again). To take it from there the Astoria is a very unfortunate choice of venue as it is manely for heavy metal gigs (and gay events), and the quality of sound is atrocious. Also I got the feeling (from age, t-shirts and hairdos) that the majority of the people were there to see a heavy metal gig by Masters of Reality and they had only heard of Mark Lanegan through his associations with Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri of QOTSA…And to my despair a heavy metal gig is what they saw. The fact that ML went onstage to sing one song w/ MoR improved things marginally but didn’t change them. So anyway after a lot of earrache and much ado, ML and the boys took the stage. The unexpedly energetic set began with pendulum and to the best of my recollection went on as follows pendulum borracho one way st. i’ll take care of you no easy action mockingbirds don’t forget me medley(3): /(one that i can’t recall) /because of this /the winding sheet on jesus program encore: gospel plow Mark Lanegan is blessed with a voice deep as the ocean, but last night it was hard to hear him, on top of all the noise. It was still amazing (all the 40 minutes of it), even if we had to wait for three years and two weeks. But i’d really like to see him go on the road with just Mike Johnson and an acoustic guitar and play venues like the Borderline or Dingwalls. What wouldn’t i give to see that. Then again that’s just what I think.

Anyway take it easy


review by Daz

I know I’m setting myself up for a fall here, but I was really disappointed with Mark at the London show last night. There were a few things that spring to mind. Firstly, it was just too loud, certainly louder than the last time he played the Astoria. I think this really made a difference – the subtley of several songs was just completely lost. Mike’s guitar sounded rather muddy though admittedly Mark was in fine voice. The set was very uninspired, exactly the same as the previous few shows and the Winding Sheet medley was flabby around the edges to say the least. Also, they were in almost total darkness – have moody lighting, sure, but you could honestly barely see them. The oddest thing was the encore (Gospel Plow). They seemed rather hurried and after leaving the house lights didn’t come back on, suggesting a further song. I was behind mixing desk and the guys there were just shrugging their shoulders trying to find out what had happened to them. Five minutes later, the lights came on and we were asked to leave. They can’t have played much more than fifty minutes and the boo’s from the crowd seemed quite heart felt. On the plus side, MOR were unbelievable. The boy Homme sure done good, and Chris Goss was the business. We were also treated to a rendition of ‘High Noon Amsterdam’ where upon Mr L came on to sing vocals. It, and they, were storming. I aren’t playing Devil’s Advocate here, I love Mark to death, but, like I say, he just didn’t cut it last night.
No letter bombs please.


4 December, 2001, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

review by Hervé

Brussels, Ancienne Belgique, 04/12/2001 After 5 hours on the road reaching Brussels (from Strasbourg, France), my old friend Raphael and i arrived around 7 hours before the concert. We were looking after the Ancienne Belgique and when we found it, who were in front of it? Mark Lanegan, Dave Catching and Mike Johnson, so we have a little talk with them, Mike and Mark signed “Field Song” and “I feel alright”‘s cover.

Mark was not so communicative but he shakes our hands to say us goodbye, a big moment for us! Mike was more friendly, very impressed that we’ve got one of his album.
A last word to say that i don’t find them that tall, i’ve ever heard in the reviews that they were so tall, so i thought they were more than 1,90m (i don’t know what it gives in feet, sorry) but Mark is barely taller than i (he has to be 1,75m and Mike about 1,80m)

The Ancienne Belgique is really intimist, about 400 persons only in the club, the concert was sold out! About the gig, we’ve got a first surprise with Mike Johnson playing 5 new songs of his future album in the first part of the concert. He articulates so well that i don’t understand any of the tittles 🙁 . The songs are terrific, a real pleasure listening to it. He plays “All there is” too at the end of his part. His show was about 35 minutes long, 35 good long minutes.

About Mark Lanegan’s show, i have not enough words to describe the quality of his set, all the musicians were perfect, they gave another dimension of so many songs, especially “No easy action”, really more powerful in live. They opened with Pendulum as usual, the rest of the setlist was, not in order, Borracho, No easy action, On Jesus Program, Don’t forget me, Field Song, Winding sheet, Because of this, Fix, Gospel plow, Creeping coastline of lights, Mockingbirds, One way street, i think i’ve forgotten one or two, if my brain restart to work, i will let you know this couple of songs!

It was the first time that we saw Mark live, it was one of the best day ever in our lives

04/12: AB-club , Brussels (B): Mark Lanegan
This review is written by Emillio from Musketeer of De@th (NL)

At the same time the popular Stereo MC’s were playing at the big stage of the AB (app. 2.500 people), Mark Lanegan had the honor to enter the small stage of the AB-club (app. 200 people). And from the first moments he took everybody on a trip full of ‘’deadslowrocknroll’’, assisted by Brett Netson (Built to Spill) and Mike Johnson (ex-Dinosaur Jr.) on guitar, Gene Trautman (ex-QoTSA) on drums and Dave Catching (QoTSA/Earthlings?) on bass. The ideal party to tread us with some very dark emotional gripping poetic songs. Sometimes I thought I was part of history because it felt I was back in time at one of the first gigs of ‘the Doors’. Not because of the music, but because of the mystical sphere that was around this club. The incorruptible looks and fascinating modest gripping singing of Mark can be best described as a piece of art. And his friends on the stage made him the man of the night, by playing with same feeling he was singing. It’s been a long time I’ve seen such emotion and prosper beauty on a stage. It still makes me shiver.

5 December, 2001, Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark

review by Tao

Since 98 we have waited for the man to return. This year he should play at one of the three best concert places in Europe according to the Q-magazine. We went down to the club and waited in front of the stage – to get the CD seined… In the start of the set I placed my Cover of field Song on The root of the microphone. He signed the cover after the very last number – placed the cover at at the back of the stage – so I have to clime The stage to get the shit, but it was signed….. Beautiful concert in Copenhagen – lots of Sauer whiskey.

We got the set list which were like this.
One Way
I’ll tagecare of you
No easy action
Mocking bird
Don’t forget about me
Field song
Jesus program
Can’t remember the last one – but it was beautiful

8 December, 2001, Milan, Italy

review by Marco

Transilvania Live is a ridicolous disco for young metal kids with false graves on the walls and spider’s web and skulls everywhere: surely it’s not the best place to set a concert with so different moods.

Mike Johnson, alone with his guitar, open his exhibition very early in the night (8.30 PM!, and later it will be clear why), while people was again to queue up at the box and in addition for the first two songs his voice was not audible. Finally someone take time to colleague the plug and we can hear that other 4 new tracks are very up to his old “hits”. The short gig terms with All There Is, sumptuous song taken from Ifeelalright.

Few minutes later, it’s the turn of Mark Lanegan’s band and from the very beginning I can see that the sound is considerably different from the last european tour (1998, Scraps At Midnight era). The rhythm section is a solid core and Gene Trautmann hit the drum with incredible violence (though two years ago I’ve seen him with QOTSA and he wasn’t so perfect, probably it was one of the first concerts), Dave Catching precise and statuary remains behind Mark as it’s usually done for bass-players. Mike and Brett are in excellent agreement, exchanging lead & rhyhtm lines each other. In a so burning atmosphere Mark’s voice get excited, less bluesy but stronger and dirty, and it belongs to the science of the obviousness that the best renditions are relating to more agitated songs: absolutely amazing Borracho, very applauded No Easy Action, a rope stretched ’till the agony, Gospel Plow received with enthusiasm by all nostalgic Trees lovers.

After about 40 minutes the band returns backstage suddenly (Mark pick up a bunch of roses) and the encore provides only three more tracks: the owners of the club are in a hurry to put out the crowd because outdoor there are many teenagers waiting for dance (it’s saturday night). Mike and Gene are trying to calm the people that are very hungry, though it’s not his fault. So over 1000 persons are coming out screaming “fucking thiefs” against the personnel. I take comfort buying posters and t-shirts but I hope that Transilvania will go to the bankrupt.

9 December, 2001, Tenax, Florence, Italy

review by sara

this is my personal opinion about the Show at the Tenax (Firenze 12-9-2001 Italia)
OK, mmm…what can I say…well, the show began about at 10.30 pm (not at 9.00 pm) and started with a solo “psychedelic” performance of the `second’ guitarist ( I’m sorry I didn’t grasp his name, but when I’ll send my photos to you, you’ll surely will help me to understand who he is !) I have to be very sincere, my impression was that nothing was ready in that moment, and someone (or he himself) proposed to make that solo performance to entertain the audience!! It really looked as an improvisation…
Well, then the show began with Pendulum ( I’ll send my photo of the complete song list)
There was not so much people at the Tenax (I do think we were some hundred and that situation allowed me to move in the place to take photos from different angles )…
I wanna arrive to the mean point: well, I was been absolutely enraptured by the show
Mark’s performance was simply perfect, faultless! I never seen Mark live and I felt so thrilled, over the moon! My hands never stopped to sweat! It was a GREAT emotion to hear his voice live, I felt like I found a refuge in His cave (I just mean his deep lungs)
All the show was so rocking…no keyboards on the stage, just Mark, two guitars, drum and bass
Well, I had no expectations about what I was going to see – hear, but it exceeded any my potential hope…
Now I’m going to say something too personal, definitely, but I was just perplexed about the tense atmosphere between Mark and the situation around Him…I don’t really know, I just can suppose He was worried about something technical, maybe the acoustics (I couldn’t check that `cause I was sat down right on the stage, on the left corner, under a big speaker) or perhaps He was just irritated about something or what I really think ( and for the hundredth time I repeat it’s just my personal idea) is that He was such worried about the `second’ guitar performance, that, I have to admit, was not “immaculate”.
Another thing I noticed was that there was such a hurry! I mean that there was just about 5 minutes between the firs and the second part of the show and between the end and the bis ( I hope it was just because the show began very late!!) anyway the show had been going on till about midnight…
All the things I said don’t mean to reduce the quality of the performance, I could repeat thousands of times it was GREAT! Yeah! I can undoubtedly say that it was the best concert I’ve ever enjoyed! After the show I heard someone said He was not professional !! Well, I can’t know what someone expected to see, but I do guess that some people there expected to see Him moving and jumping on the stage, and they were such confused to see Him always stuck at the microphone!!
Oh God! Why people always compare a rock performer to a circus animal! He was so much more than professional, He was professionally impeccable! I was gone there to enjoy music and He gave me ecstasy! That’s all…

review by giannarelli

this was about half of the setlist… Got some troubles following and remembering but the central part was very beautiful and ended with “Hotel”
One Way Street
I’ll Take Care Of You
Field Songs
No Easy Action
Miracle …
Don’t Forget Me …
Hotel …
On Jesus’ Program
ENCORE 1 … Fix …
ENCORE 2 Creeping coastline of lights
The show took place at Tenax, the atmosphere was cousy, quite hot and people in frontline were crazy and happy. Good sound, the show has been opened by a guitar-voice act by Brad (or Brett) anyway the second guitar of the live band. Please add it if you know the line-up.

review by Marco

Florence, more or less 500 people (the only italian concert not sold out), but the Tenax is the ideal club to allow this “square” line-up to give out the best from itself and in effect this will be the best concert that I see (even if I include the live at Binariozero, three years ago). I ask to Mike when he’ll decide to bring out new album, I understand next summer but I’m not sure.

Brett excites the audience with some distorted songs doubled by guitar effects. In all about thirty minutes of interesting music and at the end a ultraslow version of Saturday Night Special, from Lynyrd Skynyrd album Nuthin’ Fancy (1975). Before the show Mark introduces “his friend Jeff”, the stage manager, because many people thought he was Mark or his brother (they are as like as two peas and a lot of people discharged roll of film on him). The band is relaxed and resolute at the same time, all songs from the last album have undergo a profitable electric treatment. Mark finds time between the songs to say something (only “thanks a lot” but he asks also a cigarette to the first rows: two or three inhaled, he throws away the cigarette, sings the song, picks up the cigarette, another heavy aerosol). The show confirm the strong impact of the sound of this tour (particularly about guitar lines of Mike, tonight very wild), with some little quiet jewel like Field Song or Bell Black Ocean. Four songs more than yesterday: three from Field Songs and the second encore Creeping Coastline Of Lights.

10 December, 2001,Cesena, Italy

review by Marco

Last date in Italy at Vidia near Cesena. The Club is overflowing with people and just now I can’t realize that year by year Mark’s music isn’t more a cult for few close friends like from the time of Whiskey.

Tonight it’s the turn of Mike to open the show and his exhibition is truly amazing: like two days ago I can hear (now it’s the second time and so I can recognize the melodies) his new songs and I think they are darkly and intriguing as his best compositions. The gig terms with Eclipse, terrific song from Year Of Mondays.

Compared to yesterday, the Vidia show is very similar (same songs in the same order, same encores, same beautiful rage and persuading interpretation), also if I can note some little smudge (for example the beginning of On Jesus Program is completely wrong but, maybe to pay back, Mark launches out into the better performance of the night, screaming with a broken voice).

13 December, 2001, Arena, Madrid, Spain

review by Fernando

I don´t know why, but the fact is that tonite it’s been a real party for the whole band. And for us, the audience.
They came back twice for encores.
Lanegan MADE JOKES and LAUGHED at people during the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Regarding Lanegan’s usual mood for past years, I thought it was a total triumph if he was going to be able to look at the people, and even notice there is a thing called audience… But he long surpassed all expectations, it has proved to be astonishing at last.

In the end, the whole band came offstage with the people, signed on tickets and talked to us for as long as we wanted. I been joking on “QOTSA” bassist, guiding him to sign my ticket as I was spelling to him the word “G-O-D”, and you should had seen the way he laughed. One by one they been so accessible to people. I told Lanegan that he was in better mood than in ´98, that he looked happier, and I didn´t know why. He said “neither do I, maybe it´s the weather that suits me better”, and laughed as I never thought Mark could, regarding the isolated bubble he used to live in.

In no order, these were the songs: Pendulum (to open the show), Borracho, River Rise (to close the show), Winding Sheet, Mockingbirds, Hotel, Bell Black Ocean, Because of This, Creepin´Coastline of Lights, Jesus Program, One Way Street, No Easy Action, Miracle, Don´t Forget Me, Field Song, She Done Too Much (opening second encore comeback), Gospel Plow (to close the first encore). Songs have evolved and now sound more like a wall of sound, harder than ´98. Specially brilliant anytime when the band made “crescendos”, increasing level and intensity gradually.

Lanegan voice was at his prime, better than anytime before. Besides, this growl of a voice went above the instruments anytime he wanted it to be that way. The ballads came beautifully, quiet, wrappin´around the voice….
Perfect night, I mean.

review by Paco

I´d like to thank Mark his visiting to this country and in special to a city like Salamanca. I´ve been so lucky for seeing him in Madrid and Salamanca and it has been a great experience for meeting one of the most beautiful and personal voices.

The concert in Madrid surprised me for his energy. The songs were more directs than in studio where they have more production (in special some songs like No Easy Action) with some songs the crowd was just about to explode and with others the people entered in a state of hypnosis with the voice and the long parts instrumentals; cause the band was extraordinary. The concert had a lot of great moments, I can´t take only one!! Amazing was “Pendulum”, “Borracho”, “No Easy action”, “Because of this” and the great surprise of the night “Gospel Plow” from Screaming Trees.

So next day I moved to Salamanca. Then I met that the concert was in a theatre/cinema were usually are played movies, in fact in the entrance there was only a little reference to Mark Lanegan´s show beside the rest of the films.

Then inside the strange feeling of being in a concert sitting, but in this case I thought it was a good opportunity for appreciating all the details. In my opinion it lost a little of intensity but not feeling.

So in some songs you could see the people trying to scape from his siting. The concert began with Brett Netson with his electric guitar (the day before was Mike Johnson who opened the show) and I enjoyed both of them, Mike more mellancolic and Brett more energical.

The Mark Lanegan songs was exactly the same than the night before, but if I could I´d go to a concert like this everynight.

The people was sitting all the concert but after Gospel Plow in the last encores the people stood up and came closer to the scenary, so when Mark began to sing River Rise (the last song) and saw all the people there he really got surprised.

Two great shows and two great nights I´m just only waiting for the next time.

14 December, 2001, Teatro Breton, Salamanca, Spain

review by Paco

I´d like to thank Mark his visiting to this country and in special to a city like Salamanca. I´ve been so lucky for seeing him in Madrid and Salamanca and it has been a great experience for meeting one of the most beautiful and personal voices.

The concert in Madrid surprised me for his energy. The songs were more directs than in studio where they have more production (in special some songs like No Easy Action) with some songs the crowd was just about to explode and with others the people entered in a state of hypnosis with the voice and the long parts instrumentals; cause the band was extraordinary. The concert had a lot of great moments, I can´t take only one!! Amazing was “Pendulum”, “Borracho”, “No Easy action”, “Because of this” and the great surprise of the night “Gospel Plow” from Screaming Trees.

So next day I moved to Salamanca. Then I met that the concert was in a theatre/cinema were usually are played movies, in fact in the entrance there was only a little reference to Mark Lanegan´s show beside the rest of the films.

Then inside the strange feeling of being in a concert sitting, but in this case I thought it was a good opportunity for appreciating all the details. In my opinion it lost a little of intensity but not feeling.

So in some songs you could see the people trying to scape from his siting. The concert began with Brett Netson with his electric guitar (the day before was Mike Johnson who opened the show) and I enjoyed both of them, Mike more mellancolic and Brett more energical.

The Mark Lanegan songs was exactly the same than the night before, but if I could I´d go to a concert like this everynight.

The people was sitting all the concert but after Gospel Plow in the last encores the people stood up and came closer to the scenary, so when Mark began to sing River Rise (the last song) and saw all the people there he really got surprised.

Two great shows and two great nights I´m just only waiting for the next time.

14 December, 2001, Teatro Breton, Salamanca, Spain

review by Paco

I´d like to thank Mark his visiting to this country and in special to a city like Salamanca. I´ve been so lucky for seeing him in Madrid and Salamanca and it has been a great experience for meeting one of the most beautiful and personal voices.

The concert in Madrid surprised me for his energy. The songs were more directs than in studio where they have more production (in special some songs like No Easy Action) with some songs the crowd was just about to explode and with others the people entered in a state of hypnosis with the voice and the long parts instrumentals; cause the band was extraordinary. The concert had a lot of great moments, I can´t take only one!! Amazing was “Pendulum”, “Borracho”, “No Easy action”, “Because of this” and the great surprise of the night “Gospel Plow” from Screaming Trees.

So next day I moved to Salamanca. Then I met that the concert was in a theatre/cinema were usually are played movies, in fact in the entrance there was only a little reference to Mark Lanegan´s show beside the rest of the films.

Then inside the strange feeling of being in a concert sitting, but in this case I thought it was a good opportunity for appreciating all the details. In my opinion it lost a little of intensity but not feeling.

So in some songs you could see the people trying to scape from his siting. The concert began with Brett Netson with his electric guitar (the day before was Mike Johnson who opened the show) and I enjoyed both of them, Mike more mellancolic and Brett more energical.

The Mark Lanegan songs was exactly the same than the night before, but if I could I´d go to a concert like this everynight.

The people was sitting all the concert but after Gospel Plow in the last encores the people stood up and came closer to the scenary, so when Mark began to sing River Rise (the last song) and saw all the people there he really got surprised.

Two great shows and two great nights I´m just only waiting for the next time.

18 December, 2001, Berbati’s Pan, Portland, OR

review by Sean

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. When I first heard Mark Lanegan was playing four west coast shows following his tour of Europe, I knew what I had to do.
Since I’ve never heard of Mark touring anywhere in or around Cincinnati, I had to go out west to see him. I planned on seeing him in Portland and Seattle, on December 18th and 19th, respectively. Fortunately, I have friends in both Portland and Seattle who would let me crash at their places. The day of the Portland show, I walked downtown from my friend’s apartment, by myself. I hit a bar. After a few beers, armed with a disposable camera, I set out for Berbati’s by way of cab. This being my first Mark Lanegan concert, I didn’t know what to expect.
When I get to Berbati’s, it is around 9:00pm. I think my ticket said that show time was 9:00pm or 10:00pm, but I’m not sure which. I was anticipating at least one opening band. There was a good sized crowd there for a small venue. Gazing around, I soon realized that Berbati’s was also a restaraunt! The bar was on the right-hand side of the stage, and dinner tables on the left side. There were a couple people still eating when I first got there. I was thrilled to be seeing Mark Lanegan, for the first time, in such a cozy venue (I don’t want to say “small”). I got a seat at a tall bar table, seperate from the bar, and attempted to get a little buzz on before the show. So I slammed a few shots and drank a few more beers.
The opening act was Brett Nettson. I had never heard of him. He wasn’t bad. He did an acoustic set, playing his guitar. I noticed a drum set towards the back of the stage, but it sat there, unused, through Nettson’s set. Then, I can remember thinking that an all acoustic set with Mark and Mike would be cool. But in the long run, this didn’t happen. Though, by the end of the night, I was far from disappointed.
Finally, Mark and his band come out. Mark, stone-faced and without a peep. It took them what seemed like ten seconds for them to start rolling. They started out with “Pendulum”. By this time, I had a choice spot. I was right next to the stage, a little bit to Mark’s left. Having never seen him in person before, I understood immediately that Mark Lanegan is a very intense person. His demeanor is so serious. Totally in control. Everyone could tell that he was really into it full-forced.
They played about ten songs in a row in what seemed liked a half an hour. Mark whispering a “thank you” after every two or three songs. He wailed through Borracho, No Easy Action, and Mockingbirds. He sang an exceptional On Jesus Program. I attempted to photograph the set list (there were a few taped to the stage) with my disposable camera, but the picture got cut off (I think there were three or four more songs on the list). Other songs I remember him playing were One Way Street, I’ll Take Care of You, Don’t Forget Me, and a powerful Field Song. The encore climaxed with an earthy, rocked out rendition of Gospel Plow. I can remember being pleasantly surprised that he would do a Trees number that night.
His whole band was tight throughout the night. Flawless. I took several pictures with my disposable camera during the show. Mark, nor anyone else in the band, ever got angry or complained about me taking pictures once. I was a little worried they would, and I would be known as “that asshole with the camera” But no one complained. It was “all good”. After the show, I wanted to “lay an ambush” on Mark for a picture and/or an autograph. I went outside Berbati’s and around to the back. Back there I didn’t see any buses or vans, or even a back door! So, I gave up and went back to my friend’s apartment.
I’ve been a big fan of Mark’s since the first time I heard his music (’89 or ’90). This show, being my first Mark Lanegan show, was inspiring to say the least! He is a very powerful entity on stage. It was a real treat seeing him live. One could consider Mark Lanegan to be the best-kept secret in rock n’ roll today. ==Sean McDermott

19 December, 2001, Showbox, Seattle, WA

review by Sean

After seeing Mark Lanegan the night before in Portland, I took off for Seattle by Greyhound. I made it there in mid-afternoon.
In Seattle, I hooked up with my friend Laura. This was going to be my second time seeing Mark Lanegan. But now, it was in Seattle, and at the Showbox! I had a ticket for Laura, too. She was stoked to see Mark Lanegan. She had never heard Mark’s solo stuff before. Our tickets said that the show started at 8:00pm. Laura said that she heard that there were a few opening acts. Anyway, we got to the Showbox around 9:00pm. I liked the way the Showbox was laid out. There were two bars that I saw. It has a spacious dance floor in front of the stage, and wide stairs on either side of the dance floor. The dance floor is set down from the bar level.
I didn’t recognize the band that was playing when we got there. The only opening act that I recognized was Mike Johnson. He was playing some of his solo numbers on his guitar. After Mike got off the stage, We heard someone say that Lanegan was coming up next. By this time, Laura and I had mosied our way close to the stage. I thought it looked like a full house. A few minutes after Mike Johnson left the stage, I thought this was a prime opprutunity to weasel my way twords the stage. It was so packed, the closest I got was in front of Mark, about three people back from the stage.
Once Mark and his band came out, they didn’t waste any time. They went right into Pendulum. It was so crowded up front there, I had to hold my disposable camera over my head to take pictures. Like last night in Portland, the band was perfect. Mark’s face, free of emotion, looked like he was deep in thought the whole show. They knocked out Borracho, One Way Street, I’ll Take Care of You, Field Song, No Easy Action-Miracle, Mockingbirds, Bell Black Ocean, among others (see set list). Once again they did Gospel Plow as one of their encores. The packed crowd loved that.
After the show, Laura handed me a sheet of paper. It was the set list that was in front of Mike Johnson. Score. I would have loved to have gotten it signed by Mark and Mike, but I had no clue how to get their attention.
Seeing Mark Lanegan in Seattle, at the Showbox. Wow. After this show, I felt that my vacation was complete. Laura was glad that I turned her on to Mark Lanegan. She thinks that Mark is “hot”. So the next day, I went and bought her “The Winding Sheet” (my favorite).

review by Amy

I have never written a review before nor have I have ever seen Mark play outside of the Sceaming Trees. The performance, for me, was a singular event with no comparison or experience to draw from. I am also writing about a Seattle concert for christ’s sake and I am from St. Louis! I do not feel qualified. But I would want to hear ANYTHING about one of his performances. As I too live where he does not roam…

I must preface everything with a little history to put everything into perspective. I have been listening to the Screaming Trees since about ‘87 or ‘88 when I heard them on college radio in Kentucky. I became even more devout when Mark went solo. That voice, alone, is glorious. I moved to St. Louis in 1988 and had to wait until 1993 to see them in St. Louis at the Riverport Amphitheater (remember the place Guns and Roses got into a fight with the audience?). They were the first band of a three-band set (cannot remember who the main band was). They played in daylight, outside, almost no one in the audience, and, since we had cheap tickets, they were far away and about half an inch tall. Mark had long hair; could not see his face anyway. But they were spectacular of course. So that was it; that was the extent of my Screaming Trees/Mark Lanegan experience. I joined the list serve in hopes of hearing about concerts. I had no idea he played so rarely; I just thought if I waited patiently he would show up in St. Louis.

I have been in Seattle a number of times before this year and each time I hoped he might be playing there. I have waited and waited and waited… I have pleaded in desperate email messages to him c/o Subpop (and feeling really stupid to even be doing it). I even offered to pay to fly Mark and Mike Johnson here, pay for everything, just to have them play in the big furnitureless living room of my old house. (Not wealthy, just willing to use the credit card and incur interest). No response. Yet. Not that I expected one; I was merely desperate. So I signed on to the onewhiskey list serve last Spring in hopes that someone there would eventually know if he was touring in the U.S. Sure enough the concert dates were posted there first. I had my sister-in-law, in Seattle, buy the tickets immediately. I was afraid they would sell out. So I had been waiting quite some time when we flew into Seattle on Wednesday morning, December 19. We went downtown to get lunch and there was his name at the top of the marquee. And I had tickets (though I hadn’t seen them yet).

I do not think it is possible for me to write an objective “official” music review or any kind of review without describing the circumstances surrounding the experience of the concert. Because all of that played as much of a role as the music.

We ate dinner with some friends a block away at the Pink Door but all I could think about was getting to the theater and getting front and center; I wanted a view up his nostrils! We got there around 8:15 (delayed by a bottle of wine that made time stand still.) But the doors were not open yet. So we were all milling around out front when a couple in their mid-30s came up to ME of all people and asked who everyone was waiting to see; I guess it looked like a sold-out show because we were all standing there. I told them there were some other bands playing (I had not seen that Mike Johnson had replaced one of the bands yet) but that we were here for Mark Lanegan. So they ask what kind of music he played; what is he like. My sister-in-law points to me and says, “She’s the expert; ask her”. So there I am, in the middle of a crowd of Seattle natives who have probably known him for years and I have to describe his music. Music is very difficult to describe. Man was I feeling conspicuous. I cannot fuck this up I thought; this could be embarrassing. But something sufficient came to me: “American roots music. Tom Waits-like”. They said, “Cool, Tom Waits!”, and walked away.

Finally we got in. The Showbox is a beautiful theater, a sort of semi-circular wooden floor in front of the stage with a couple levels of terraces around that with bars in the back. And the acoustics seem to be pretty good too. Consequently most any place was pretty good but I had to be close for this one. It looked like there was no problem getting a front and center position so I waited in the back for a while and drank a few beers. I was in position when Jessie Sykes started (and she was quite good too actually; beautiful voice) and it was a PERFECT position. I am also very fond of Mike Johnson’s work so the night was turning into quite an event for me. But when Mike ended things started to get rough. I am very small and short and I have never had any interest in being so close to the stage because it has always looked very dangerous up there and generally not worth it. I am not weak and wimpy, I can take care of myself, but it is very annoying to be shoved around for 2 hours or more by big men. But this was different. It was probably the only time I would ever see him. Man I earned that spot and I am sure glad I was wearing big clunky shoes. It was not long before people were pushing their way to the front and I was in the prime position right under him. The tallest guy in the world and his girlfriend got up right next to me and a little in front. No way. I held my ground. He was real nice about it for the most part but quite a few times during the show I was having to lean into him to keep from being knocked over; my elbow was at his hip bone! Another tall guy (okay, all men are tall) was sort of in front of me but he had been there first. I am a very fair person (and a little naive apparently). And then there were the people behind me, drunk and shoving, leaning on my back, dropped a jaegermeister on the tall guy who was politely sitting on the floor. I ignored the guy for a while but he was literally laying across my mostly bare back (really hot up there too) in some sort of itchy fuzzy sweater. And before that he and his, uh, ‘date’ (?) were breathing heavily on my neck and in my ear. How much closer could they get? I felt like I was making out with them! I finally rolled my shoulders and sort of flipped him off my back and he was gone. I am afraid some of these people will be on this list serve and be offended but some of them were just horribly rude. I really learned a lot about our animal-instinct territoriality up there in the prime Mark Lanegan real estate. And about the negative effects of alcohol on some people. But for the most part everyone was really really cool. Way cool. For some reason, quite out of the blue really because we had not spoken at all, one of the two guys in front of me and to my left motioned for me to take his space right up against the stage for a while. I could see all of Mark instead of the version truncated by the amp. I do not know why he did it but it was very nice; I hope he understood how much I appreciated it. I let him have his space back after a few songs.

A really funny thing, (to me at least because I sure felt like an idiot afterwards), was that there was some guy on stage setting things up who sure looked a lot like Mark. I had not seen Mark close up and in person before but I had sure seen lots of pictures. I do not think I was the only one a little fooled by this guy. Okay, a LOT fooled. But he looked like a Mark who had lost a lot of weight. He did not look right and I was very confused but the resemblance was so close that I was just sure it was him. Who else could it be I kept asking myself. Does anyone know? Does his brother help out? Who was that man? And before anyone played a tall blonde guy in a dark blue ski cap, dark pants, and shirt was walking around the bar area. In the dark he greatly resembled Mark. Were there people there TRYING to resemble him?

And speaking of resemblances, were Chris Cornell and friends standing to my right or am I imagining things?

Suddenly Mark appeared on stage. I must have been fighting to keep my space because I sort of missed it. Everyone started screaming and I looked up and there he was; nostrils right over my head as planned. (And it was not the mysterious look-alike from the stage). I had no idea what the songs were at the time. I tried to remember the first two but then it was gone. I was mesmerized by him and his voice and his behavior (and I was very occupied with keeping my single square foot of space). The very first thing I noticed was that his eyes seemed to be rolling in his head a bit when he first started. He seemed almost unable to focus them; they were closed much of the time. One might think he was high or drunk; I do not know; I certainly do not care. His voice was what I expected and much more. I have listened to it for so long on hi-fidelity stereo and vinyl that I know exactly what it sounds like. It is so powerful and rich; velvet gravel. His voice seemed to warm up after a few songs. But he seemed to be in almost physical pain up there; especially when he wasn’t singing. Hands in the same position, one on the top near the microphone and one in the middle of the stand. Occasionally there was a switch of hands. All the beauty is in his voice; no need for a stage presence. Everything was truly surreal and dreamlike. Not a little of that is due to my having been awake for 22 hours by the time he hit the stage, a little drunk and dehydrated to boot.

Mark was in excellent form in my opinion and limited experience. His voice was very strong, flexible, and beautiful. The band was tight and flawless. It was a long powerful performance and a seamless mix of “standards” and Field Songs; ballads and hard rock blended effortlessly. I was struck by the bands’ contradiction of seeming effortlessness and casualness yet flawless execution. They are all magnificent musicians. Mike Johnson is just spectacular. And Mike and Mark’s perfectly synchronized artistic realtionship is evident at close range and wonderful to watch. Mark communicates with Mike if not the audience and that is all that matters. Mark’s voice is, for lack of a better description, a gift from the gods. It is just an incredible beautiful natural voice. That is why it is so powerful. His is not a practiced and choreographed performance (like Tool for example which I saw for free in an arena and which would not have been worth even the $15 this concert cost me). It is a unique and wonderous voice. I still feel, after 3 weeks, overwelmed by the performance. And Gospel Plow; I almost fainted! I do not know how long they played but there were three encores. He said almost nothing; a few thank you’s, something about “much gratitude” or something like that. My only complaint, (though more selfishness than an actual complaint), is that I would like to have heard a few accoustic pieces in the mix. His voice is certainly powerful enough to compete with everything else but I would like to have heard it alone with Mike’s unique guitar.

If I may indulge myself with a fanatic anecdote: I am standing front and center staring at him, naturally. I begin to realize that it is rather uncomfortable staring at someone. Though that is the point of it all it is uncomfortable. I felt like I was being rude. One can do it from way back in the audience, but I was right under his nose looking up at him (and damn my neck hurt). I just felt rude, ridiculously. I even felt uncomfortable clapping; it seemed almost silly and sycophantic at that close range. So I would shift to look at Mike Johnson when he ‘caught’ me staring at him too many times. (There was a bit more action coming from Mike anyway). I was getting a little more comfortable with the staring thing so when he was looking at me (I am not delusional or anything; I just seemed to be in his line of site. And I do not think I am the first to speculate that he may not be very comfortable up there and may look down a lot. But that is purely speculation) Anyway, as he was ‘looking’ at me I held his gaze as a sort of personal challenge but it got a little too uncomfortable and so to ease MY discomfort, I raised my eyebrows. And he raised his at me.

That is it. My little concert moment. My first ever and the only one I would ever care about, believe me. (But it sure does not beat actually having dinner with the band. When will we hear that story?)

He left the stage abruptly mumbling something about having to go to bed now. And that was it. Lights up and it was over. We walked out and waited for a half hour in the cold for the late bus north to Roosevelt.
Amy Buxton
St. Louis

review by Stefan

I got to the Showbox (my favorite venue in Seattle) about 10 minutes before Mark’s set, and was able to get a great spot. Didn’t look like the show sold out. As usual, Mark and the band (which changes lineups from tour to tour) walked on stage, picked up their instruments without a word, and kicked in really hard. Right from the get-go, it was obvious that this was going to be a great show. I have never heard Mark’s voice sound so strong, from the songs he roared on to the softer crooners. The band was tight, and the rhythm section in particular was solid. They played some songs from the new album, which were absolutely incredible: One Way Street (wow!), Field Songs, Pill Hill Serenade.There were the usual songs: Pendulum, Mockingbirds, Hotel, the River Rise (I love the new intro-She Done Too Much – which also works well as a stand alone song).but damn if he didn’t rip into one of my favorite Screaming Trees songs: Gospel Plow. I’ve been to a few Lanegan shows over the last few years, and he usually stops playing after about 60 minutes, but this show lasted about 80 minutes and the band came out for 3 encores! The future really looks bright for Mark Lanegan fans.

One sad note: I was planning on recording the show, but had problems with my MiniDisc.did anyone out there record the show??? I would love to get a copy of it (or any show from the current tour). Please help! THANKS!

One Way Street
I’ll Take Care of You
Field Song
No Easy Action
Don’t Forget Me
Winding Sheet
Because of This
Bell Black Ocean
On Jesus Program
Creeping Coastline of Light
Gospel Plow
Encore 2
She Done Too Much
The River Rise
Pill Hill Serenade